You signed on for 6 months. In your determined brain you thought you’d have this fitness thing nailed by then and be off on your merry way. You figured you would give it your all, do the hard work and then be able to go back to normal.

Now two years later you realize this is your new normal. You now understand that “healthy and fit” isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. You also feel so great that you know there is no going back, only pushing forward.

If you’re committed to the journey, why not go above and beyond? Why not make things a little nicer, a little more stylish and perhaps a little more challenging? Now is the time to think about how you can upgrade your fitness journey

This fit gift guide is dedicated to items that go beyond the basics. I’ve got eight great gifts to supercharge your fitness journey. Pass this list on to your husband or mom so you don’t find yet another pair of dumbbells under the tree.

RYU Quick Pack

With the hashtag #BeautifulTough this is my favorite new active wear brand. They have done an amazing job creating clothes and accessories that are both functional and gorgeous. The Quick Pack is the most beautiful gym bag I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. It is also easy to hang and open in your locker and made of durable waterproof material. You’ll want to take it everywhere, not just the gym.

YUNI Festival Kit

Forget the mall bath and body products. You need something in your gym bag (or quick pack) that makes you feel not just clean but amazingly energized post workout. This travel kit of the best YUNI has to offer is the perfect fit. Trust me, the Shower Sheets will become a staple.

Misty Peak Easy Tea Maker

Make your pre-workout pu erh with this simple and stylish teapot. No more tea bags for you! You just pour the hot water in, steep and drain. The tea leaves stay in the pot, ready for a second cup (before or after your workout.) The team at Misty Peak also wants to make your holiday shopping a little easier by offering you 15% of anything if you use the code thrivetea at checkout.

Ozmo Smart Cup

You drink more water than you used to but are you drinking enough? The Ozmo Smart Cup does the tracking for you via sensors in this pretty travel tumbler. Track your water via the app or by looking at the lights that appear when you’ve reached 25%, 50% and 100% of your goal. Bonus: it buzzes when you leave it sitting too long.

eQua Yoga Hand Towel

If you want to give hot yoga a try this year get your gear ready first. The eQua hand towel is the perfect helper for your first class. You’ll want this super absorbent hand towel to keep the sweat out of your eyes. It is plush, pretty and, most importantly, machine washable!

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

A set of suspension trainers is a great way to add a new challenge to your home workouts. The Jungle Gym XT suspension trainers are durable, easy to set up and much less expensive than the name brand you may have used in class at the gym.

Protein Ninja Cookbook

Are you ready to make the shift to a vegetarian or vegan diet? Here’s how to do it without becoming a carb-etarian. This cookbook by Terry Hope Romero is the best cookbook I own. You’ll learn how to make the perfect tofu scramble, delicious smoothie bowls and your own amazing black bean burgers to fuel your strong body.

Apple Watch Nike +

It’s your watch, your phone and tracker all in one. This series two Apple Watch comes with a more breathable sport band and the Nike Run Club app integrated into the special Nike watch faces. Paired with the independent GPS, this will free you from your phone for running and for life. By the way swimmers, it’s waterproof. Ladies, you’ll love the SOS feature if you run alone.

Just a note, I was sent a couple of the things for review (the Quick Pack, the Ozmo Smart Cup and Protein Ninja) but I would not put them on this list if I didn’t like them or if I didn’t really think you would like them too.

The Apple Watch I bought myself and I LOVE IT. It’s the best fitness upgrade I’ve had in a while.

What gift would help you supercharge your fitness journey this year?

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