You wake up early to make sure you have time to pick bagels for the Monday morning team meeting. (Even if no one asked you to bring them.)

You carefully consider when to take your lunch so you can cover the phones for your co-worker so she can make her noon doctor’s appointment.

You know that your niece is allergic to eggs so instead of your classic deviled eggs you bring guacamole to book club when they meet at your sister’s house.

Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail are legendary in the office and among family and friends. They don’t ask, you just do.

Yet when it comes to what you need you never seem to be able to hold up yourself to the same standard. You hit the snooze button (repeatedly) when you promise yourself to get up 30 minutes earlier to walk. The banished Ben & Jerry’s somehow makes its way into the cart when you shop alone. You signed up for that online training program weeks ago but the first email is still in your inbox. When you look to the same friends and family for support you rarely find it.

Promise someone else and you can commit without fail.

Promise yourself and it almost never happens.

You are a classic Obliger. That means to make good habits stick and make changes for the better you need an accountability partner.

That’s my job. I provide education, structure and motivation but another big reason clients seek me out is accountability. She wants a date on her calendar every week to meet someone who is going to check her homework and make a plan for the days to follow. Someone expecting her, texting her if she isn’t there and asking for her food log.

Is that what you need too? Join me for the April Accountability Project

Here are the details again.

  • Download the Periscope app if you haven’t already. Follow me and turn notifications on.
  • Join me on Periscope LIVE Mondays in April between 12:00 and 12:30 pm CT for your Monday Motivation and homework for the week. (Replay on Periscope is available for 24 hours.)
  • Do the work! Tweet or Instagram me your progress using the hashtag #AprilAccountability.
  • Have tea with me on Periscope LIVE Fridays in April around 3 pm CT. I’ll be expecting you and anxious to hear about your progress plus give you a tip or two for the weekend. (Again, this stays available on replay on Periscope for 24 hours.)

You don’t have to sign up. There is no charge. However….I can see who attends and who doesn’t. There may be a prize or two along the way for those who keep their commitment to me.

Who is going to join me in April and let me be your accountability partner?

What do you need the most help with?

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