When was the last time you took a gym selfie?

I do it more than I used to.

When you stop looking for a six pack that is (probably) never going to appear or examining cellulite that will probably always be around something changes. When you’re feeling strong and happy it’s fun to snap a photo or two to show off a new curve in your arms, even if it may be just a trick of the light.

I want you to take a moment the next time you’re in the gym and look in the mirror. I want you to see how strong and amazing you are. I want you to be confident – in your ability, your worth and your beauty.

You can find inspiration in the journeys of others. Yet it’s not right to compare your journey to that of someone else. Your confident gym selfie doesn’t need to look like the uber fit yogis or fitness models that you follow. It just needs to look like YOU. It is just about capturing the moment of joy and strength that the gym can bring when you OWN IT.

Turn on this confident workout playlist. Snap a selfie and hashtag it #confident.

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