Springing forward may not have brought warmer weather yet but it did bring longer days. You’re perfectly happy to grab a jacket for an after dinner walk with your husband and the dog. It’s the perfect time to connect and de-stress after a long day at the office.

But it’s not as much fun when he can’t join you. Boots is pretty good company but beagles aren’t known for their conversation skills. You get bored quickly, making it easy to go home as soon as Boots has done his business. Instead of a brisk 40 minutes you’re back on the couch in 10 with a good book.

How about making walking fun, relaxing and as entertaining as that book and almost as good as walking with your other half?

When I have to walk on my own I listen to podcasts. I can be engaged in a good story, laugh out loud and feel like I am walking with a good friend. I used to listen to a lot of fitness podcasts but now I let my walks be “ME time” instead of multi-tasking time. I tend to walk without my husband during the middle of the day for a work break but these podcasts are a great way to end the day too.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Okay…I do learn a little bit here. I am a big fan of Better Than Before and her Four Tendencies framework. I also love the banter with her sister, Elizabeth, and tales from their lives as writers. I’ve put the Try This At Home tips to use more than once!

Pop Culture Happy Hour

From NPR, this is my all-time favorite podcast. It drops on Friday, making it my first choice for Friday afternoon walks. I don’t have time to watch, read and listen to everything they talk about but it makes me feel like I am in the know. It does help me find the really good stuff to spend my small amount of “consumption time” on. They first told me about Orphan Black, help me win our Oscar competition every year and turned me on to my next podcast choice.


If you missed season one of this podcast from the makers of This American Life start there. Not because you’ll be lost, just because it is better. This podcast takes a story and lays it out in old-fashioned serial form, dissecting the evidence one episode at a time. You’ll find it fascinating and probably end up walking just a little bit longer so you can listen to the whole episode.

Another Round

I’ve just started listening to this podcast from Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton thanks to a suggestion from my friend, Sarah. Remember how much fun it was to get together with your really smart girl friends in college over coffee or perhaps something a little stronger? You talked about things like politics, books and the weird dreams you had last night. This is almost the same. It’s a little bawdy and a whole lot of fun. I’ve gone back a few episodes to listen to their amazing interview with Melissa Harris Perry and I suggest you do too.

What Should I Read Next?

Another new addition to my playlist this may be the best/worst idea ever. It’s like a joining a book club that sets no deadlines and doesn’t involve brownies. Host Ann Bogel interviews a new guest each week about what they are reading and then makes recommendations for them. I’ve listened to four episodes and added at least 6 new books to my GoodReads.

Walking with your husband (or best friend) is certainly ideal. I just don’t think we should let perfect stand in the way of good. You can have a good time walking solo (or with the dog) on your schedule whenever you want or need to. These 5 podcasts are guaranteed to make your walk more fun!

What’s your favorite walking podcast? Do you use Audible to listen to books instead?


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