Matcha. Matcha. Matcha!
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You see it everywhere. In short bread cookies, green smoothies and tiny little cups, it is all over your Instagram feed. You notice there is even a trending hashtag – #matchalatte. They do look pretty tasty but you gave up lattes because really didn’t want to drink your calories. Now you sip your chai plain and enjoy every minute of it.

Still…you wonder if you are missing something. You’ve heard that matcha does have some pretty potent health benefits. Plus you love a reason to try a new tea. Why not give it a try the next time you roll through Starbucks?

Because the grande Green Tea Latte at Starbucks has 240 calories and 32 grams of sugar, that’s why.

That and their matcha latte is (to be polite)…subpar.

You are so much better off learning to make the perfect matcha latte at home. Yes, it will take a few minutes to make but that means you can reserve it for leisurely Saturday mornings and let it be a true treat. Matcha is meant to be an exercise in mindfulness. Making your matcha latte at home is a perfect way to honor that tradition.

Here is what I use to make my perfect matcha latte at home:

Once you have the proper tools you will also need unsweetened almond or coconut milk and, if you want any added sweetness, some vanilla stevia. My personal favorite is almond milk but I’ve also had good results with an almond/coconut blend.

I start by warming one cup of unsweetened almond milk on low on the stove. This lets it heat up very slowly while I whisk my matcha.

Perfect Matcha Latte Step 1: Don’t skimp on the matcha!

The Amoda Tea instructions say .5 – 1 tsp of matcha per 2 oz of water. I use a generous tsp and no more than 2 oz of water. This creates a thick froth when whisked, which is very important for your latte. Whisk the matcha with your bamboo whisk in a shallow bowl or matcha cup for at least one full minute. Don’t let your whisk touch bottom and stick to the W pattern for whisking. (Not sure how to do this? Check out my Instagram page for a quick video.

Perfect Matcha Latte Step 2: Almond milk should be warm but not boiling.

You want small bubbles on the edges of the pan, not a rolling boil. Whisk vigorously with your kitchen whisk until you get a nice froth on top. This may take a few cycles of whisking and warming to get the right amount of foam. The perfect latte is all about the foam so whisk it as much as you like! If you want a hint of sweetness, add the vanilla stevia to the milk as you whisk. Just don’t add too much because you don’t want to overpower the matcha. I generally drink mine stevia free.

Perfect Matcha Latte Step 3: Warm up your mug before you add the matcha and the milk.

I use the water leftover from my electric tea kettle that I used to whisk the matcha. I fill my mug and let it sit while I whisk the milk. I pour it out just before I add the matcha and milk.

Perfect Matcha Latte Step 4: Pour the matcha in the mug first then the milk and don’t mix.

I like the way that the two flavors start to meld naturally in the cup. As you drink they will start to mix themselves. Plus it’s really pretty to see the layers in your cup. To me, matcha (and all tea really) is just as much about the visual appeal as it is the taste.

Now you have the blueprint for the perfect matcha latte without the added sugar. You’ll save money too by creating this healthy treat at home while also having a better quality experience. You can reap all the health benefits of matcha and impress your friends with your own #matchalatte photo for #TeaTuesday. Tag me @ThriveFit because I want to see them too!

How do you enjoy matcha? What’s your secret to a perfect matcha latte?

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