You want to start exercising on a regular basis. Not because it’s January. Not to lose weight (although that might be a bonus). You want to get moving again because you just feel so much better when you do. It’s been a very very long time since you had a regular exercise routine but you remember the energy it gave you. You want that feeling again yet you’re not quite sure how to get there now. It’s been so long since you went to the gym you might have been listening to Ricky Martin and TLC on your Rio Player. You feel like you are an absolute beginner, starting from scratch.

Right now, joining a gym is also too much of a leap of faith. You’re ready to take on a little sweat and some sore muscles but not in front of other people. What if I can’t keep up? What if everyone is in better shape than me? What if I fall out of warrior 3 and start a domino effect of flailing Lulelemon clad legs that goes all the way across the room?

Working out at home seems like a much better option but the workout videos your friends share with you are more than a little intimidating. The Saturday morning infomercials with sweaty pony tailed women jumping around and doing endless push ups DO NOT look tempting. Power Yoga on PBS just looks down right dangerous. You start to wonder if you can get those old Tae Bo VHS tapes to play. Do I even still have a VCR?, you ask yourself.

If you need a workout for home that starts where YOU are I have found the options you need. These four video workouts for beginners will help you get moving and build confidence without an audience. (Unless you count your cat.) You can do them on your schedule and without too much chance of hurting yourself. (I have to add this disclaimer for those who are as klutzy as I am. There is always risk involved with exercise. Trust me, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Still, accidents happen.)

Cardio for Beginners

We all know how to walk so why not start there? No one makes walking as fun as Leslie Sanson! Her latest DVD, Just Walk: Walking Off the Pounds, offers three walking workouts starting at just one mile. It’s the perfect way place to start for anyone trying to get in the regular habit of movement after a long stretch of inactivity.

Strength Training for Beginners

I started with Weight Training for Dummies and you can too. Shape Up With Weights for Dummies is a great way to build a foundation of strength with 12 basic exercises. Instructor Tracy York takes you step by step through a full body workout with minimal equipment required.

Yoga for Beginners

The new Element Beginner Level Yoga video is a great way to perfect your downward dog without worrying about who is behind you. You can practice the basic Hatha yoga postures and breathing techniques without the distraction of someone falling out of tree pose on the mat next to you. Plus there is a bonus 10 minute guided meditation included to help you find your moment of zen anytime you need it.

The Complete Rookie Workout Program

If you’re a rookie who needs a comprehensive program True Beginner from Dailyburn is the perfect answer. This 8 week program that covers strength, cardio and mobility laid out in an easy to follow schedule. You can build a great foundation without ever leaving your living room or you can take your workout anywhere by downloading their app.

Another bonus of working out at home is it’s a huge time saver. Make sure you check out my guide to creating a home gym on a budget so you can continue to work out at home even after you’ve got the basics down.

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