Right now is prime time for the diet industry. Celebrities are touting their transformations on television, beckoning you to call NOW and join them. As you try to browse the morning headlines on Yahoo you’re rudely interrupted with pop ups for detoxes and fast fixes. Despite your desire to make a change, to get a healthy body, you are completely turned off by the noise and their hype.

I know you are smart enough not to buy into their claims. We’ve both been down THAT road before. That’s why I don’t make such bold promises or miracle claims. I know that quick fixes rarely fix anything. I know real fitness and health actually take some time and work.

That is why for me December and January are actually kind of quiet. What I do isn’t flashy and it takes longer than 30 days. I can’t guarantee pounds lost at all because YOU are in charge of your fitness journey. I am the architect and you are the builder. I can give you the plan to build a healthy body but only YOU can decide what you actually build. (Not to mention the scale is the worst measure of health and fitness.)

But I know you can live better. I know you are capable of feeling stronger, having more energy and taking control of your health.

I know you CAN transform when given the right tools and support.

Not in 21 days or 30 days. Not even in 90 days. It will take longer than that to build a healthy body. But if you start now with a few basic steps you will start to build a foundation of fitness that will last a lifetime.

That’s why I created the 4 Keys to Real Fitness Quick Start Guide. I wanted to offer you a common sense alternative to the fads. I wanted to give you the same first steps that many of my personal training clients take on their fitness journey. The Quick Start Guide is four simple actions that you can use to start (or restart) your fitness journey today.

“Love it! The basics that got us all started, made us feel like we could keep going…” – Jenny Turner, client since May 2014

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All you have to do is sign up.

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Don’t let the name fool you. I’m not making any big promises of pounds lost and gone forever. Yet small steps really can make a big difference. Small steps not only build your foundation, but also your belief. Success breeds success. I know after so many empty promises from weight loss centers and big box gyms that you may feel a little hopeless. Let me say this very clearly – YOU are not hopeless. There is always hope when you are willing to do the work and if you believe. If you don’t believe then borrow some belief from me. After seeing (and living) the 4 Keys to Real Fitness I have enough BELIEF for the both of us.

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