It’s your turn to host book club. Normally this is not a problem. However, it’s December and there is no book. It’s December and instead of one party this month there have already been several, each one with a vast selection of mini quiches, platters of cookies shaped like Christmas trees and mulled cider. It’s December and you still need to shop for presents for your nieces, send out the Christmas cards and get a manicure so you don’t have to worry about your nails till the New Year. You want to enjoy a relaxing evening with the girls but you know that Merlot and brownies with no book for distraction is a recipe for disaster.

It’s time to get in touch with your inner child. It’s time to have a holiday coloring party.

Coloring is the biggest thing in self-help and stress reduction since Oprah hosted the web series on Ekhart Tolle’s New Earth. I admit to grabbing on to this trend with a vengeance. I firmly believe it’s what helped me FINALLY sleep while Brian was gone on his most recent trip. Plus it’s given me an excuse to buy colored pencils and gel pens.

Having a coloring party is the easiest and most enjoyable thing you can do this season. Here’s your three-step guide to hosting a holiday coloring party.

  1. Buy coloring books and colored pencils.

    The quickest solution is found downloadable pages you can print at home, like those available from Plum Deluxe. If you have more time and Amazon Prime you can order books from Amazon (I recommend Secret Tokyo and The Ancient Alchemy Coloring Book) along with the colored pencils. If you want to keep it old school and on a budget stop at Target on your way home for pencils, crayons and Hello Kitty coloring books from the $1 bin.

  2. Skip the wine and order tea.

    While you’re downloading coloring pages from Plum Deluxe order the Tea Trio. For the price of a decent bottle of wine you can get endless cups of calorie free goodness. I suggest Vanilla Latte, Coconut Macaroon and Chocolate Hazelnut. Or you can add a couple of boxes of Mighty Leaf to your Amazon order. Try the Vanilla Bean and the Chocolate Mint Truffle.

  3. Get a small box of the BEST cookie you can find.

    Busy hands means you won’t have a lot of time to nibble. You’re only going to have a couple so go for the most delicious treat you can get. If you live in Springfield, I recommend macarons from Elle’s Patisserie.

I guaranty this will be the best holiday party they attend all season. And you might be surprised how many of your friends have their own coloring books and pencils to share.

I’d love to see your colorful party creations! Tag me @ThriveFit on Instagram!

What’s your favorite coloring book or source for coloring pages? I need some new ones.

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