As summer starts to wind down, my workouts are winding up. I’ve found a new focus in the gym since starting the OxyChallenge. It’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my workouts before. The gym is my “me time”, my recharge time. Yet it’s fair to say I was in a rut.

Now that I’m about 3 weeks, in it’s starting to get REAL. The workouts, which started simply enough, are starting to kick it up a notch. I really try to resist the urge to compare myself to the other women posting their pictures and progress on Facebook but it’s hard. I know I have no one to compete against but myself. Yet I feel as though I am going to have to step it up a notch if I am going to have a slim chance to make the top 20. I REALLY want to be accepted in the Future of Fitness.

My focus needs to be on me and the task at hand. The gym has to be less about just getting it done and more about getting in THE ZONE. The best way for me to separate from the world has always been with music. These songs have a great groove and tempo for lifting, preferably a little heavy.

  • Can’t Feel My Face by The Weekend: I like the groove but I think they lyrics are goofy.
  • It’s Like That by Run DMC: You can’t expect me to not have at least one or two old school jams.
  • Worth It by Fifth Harmony: You bet your ass I am worth it! And so are you!
  • Stuck On a Feeling by Prince Royce: Not to be confused with Hooked On a Feeling or Prince.
  • Dancing On My Own by Robyn: I could probably do a whole playlist of Robyn songs. One of the coolest chicks ever!
  • Fun by Pitbull with Chris Brown: It’s not a workout playlist without Pitbull. I think he was the only thing that got me through the BetterU Zumba class.
  • Play Hard by David Guetta with Ne-Yo: This one is from the #TeamAmanda workout playlist. Thanks for the reminder!
  • Timebomb by Kylie Minogue: Anyone else remember The Locomotion? No? Okay, showing my age.
  • Chandelier (Plastic Plates Remix) by Sia: If her voice doesn’t make you feel powerful I am not sure what will.
  • Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison by: My absolute all time favorite old school jam! Slow and easy for the burn!

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