We know we need the right tools for the job if we want to be successful. If you’re working out on a regular basis, you need make sure you are outfitted correctly for the task at hand. Running and weight training require different footwear but you need high quality shoes that properly fit your feet for both. For females, having the right sports bra is crucial. One that fits properly as well as looks good is worth its weight in gold.

If you get the shoes and the sports bra right that may mean you have a little less to spend on the rest of your workout attire. I have recently vowed to never to buy an underachieving sports bra again. I know this means I will have to be even more mindful of how much money I spend on capris and tops.

Even before becoming a personal trainer I didn’t have a huge budget for workout clothes. In fact, I didn’t even really care what I wore to the gym then. Usually it was an old (often free) t-shirt from a conference and shorts. I wasn’t at the gym for a fashion show, I just wanted to get in, get the work done and get out. When I started training others I realized I need a more put together and professional look. I knew I couldn’t wear the same worn out and baggy clothes to work in that I wore to workout. This is how I learned to shop for workout clothes on a budget. After a little practice I learned how to be stylish for photo shoots, recording Fit Friday segments or working with clients. Here is where I go to find the cute, functional and budget friendly workout attire I wear every day.


Here you will find the C9 brand from Champion. I love their pants not only because they are super affordable but because they come in different lengths! I am only 5’3” and most workout pants drag the ground when I put them on. Since I can’t sew, buying the right length off the rack is essential. That is unless I want to shell out more money to have them professionally altered. Not only do the pants fit right, they hold up well in the wash. I can’t recall ever having to get rid of a pair too soon because of a hole or excessive fading. I also love the C9 socks!


If you want Nike at discount, shop their clearance sales. On a recent visit they had the cutest Dry-Fit jackets on clearance for $29! They also have their own brand of workout attire called Tek Gear. While I haven’t worn it myself, I’ve been told it holds up well and the pants are great if you need a long inseam. I’ve also seen many pictures of friends in their Tek Gear running pants looking fashionable and fit. With the Yes2You Rewards program, frequent sales and Kohl’s Cash promos you can save A TON of cash on all of their fitness brands.

Marshall’s and TJMaxx

These two stores require the most patience but can have the biggest payoff. The beauty and the downfall of these discount outlets is you never know what you are going to find. Take a look at the outfit I am wearing on the home page – Under Armour yoga top and Adidas capris. That outfit was less than $40 from Marshall’ I have also found Under Armour Cold Gear, Ryka shoes, Columbia Sportswear jackets and shorts before. I find pants there a lot too. Even though Adidas pants don’t come in various lengths they always seem to be a little shorter than other brands. Perfect for my petite stature. It helps to be a regular shopper and to go in with an open mind. I found my Cold Gear shirt in the hottest part of the summer but I knew I would want it for the coming winter. You have to snatch things up when you see them and also be prepared to walk away with nothing.

Being a Fit Fashionista doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find great deals on the “non-essentials” at these stores so you have money to splurge on the critical few. For me the critical few are the right bra and the right shoes. What’s your workout wardrobe must have? Where do you splurge and where do you go for the deals?

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