February is a short but full month! It’s Heart Month. Valentine’s Day is next week. So is my anniversary. All very important but perhaps not as important, at least in my house as, February 22.

What holiday is that? It’s not a holiday but it should be. It’s Oscar Night!

The Academy Awards are a big deal for Brian and I. There is a mad rush to watch as many of the films as possible that starts just after Christmas. We each fill out a ballot to see who can come up with the most wins. (After 16 years together I am currently in the lead). There is fondue while we watch the red carpet coverage. It’s a BIG DEAL.

Celebrate in the gym with this Oscar Night workout playlist. Don’t worry…Let It Go is not on there.

  • Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings: You do what you need to do, don’t worry about the haters.
  • Lose Yourself By Eminem: Yes, he is indeed an Oscar winner.
  • Gonna Fly Now (the Rocky theme): Just nominated not a winner. What were they thinking?
  • Love You I Do by Jennifer Hudson: I think the whole Dreamgirls soundtrack should have been nominated. Jennifer Hudson needs to do another musical movie.
  • Flash Dance by Irena Cara: Yes, you can do the water bucket scene in the gym. I promise not to judge.
  • Jai Ho with the Pussycat Dolls: You can’t not move when this Oscar winning song is on. The Pussycat Dolls are just a bonus.
  • Maniac by Michael Sembello: Sorry, but I couldn’t resist two songs from one of my favorite movies. This one was nominated while the title theme was the winner in 1983
  • Last Dance by Donna Summer: The movie was forgettable, the song not so much.
  • Happy by Pharell: At this point in your workout the endorphins should have kicked in.
  • Everything Is Awesome from the Lego Movie: Because it IS!!

What movie music gets you moving?

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