The Best of 5 Years of Blogging from Thrive Personal Fitness
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Graphic by W Brian Duncan

I didn’t want to start blogging. When we started Thrive Personal Fitness 5 years ago my husband made me do it. Perhaps “made” is too strong of a word. He highly suggested it. We didn’t have a marketing budget of any kind for “traditional” advertising. Blogging and social media were essentially free. I had the time and a story to tell.

I always had dreams of being a writer in a high school. A college professor, the teacher of my freshman English class, offered to help me rework a story I had written. She thought it was good enough to be submitted to a literary magazine. I never took her up on it because I lacked confidence in my abilities and myself. A year later, with a bit more courage, I took a creative writing class. Any confidence I had managed to develop was quickly shredded during class critiques. I stopped writing until 5 years ago when I started the blog.

As I said, I did so only under duress. I claimed I wasn’t writer. I said I needed to spend my time crafting programs, meeting people and also working my regular job (banking at the time) on top of it all. My husband, however, is a persuasive (and smart) man. I made a commitment to two posts a week, no more, and started to learn about the art of blogging, social media and self-promotion.

Not to give him more “I told you so” ammunition but I love it. I love Tuesday and Thursday mornings when sit at my desk with my tea to write. I love that I get to help more people than I could ever see in a day. The blog helps me fulfill my WHY. It’s also pretty cool to get fun stuff to play with and review.

I realize many of you may be new to the blog. After 5 years, I’ve got quite a catalog of posts. I don’t expect you to go back and read every single one. In celebration of 5 years of writing I would like to share with you the 5 posts that are my favorites. Perhaps one or two may be new to you.

  • You Can’t Out Run Grief
    I never know how much to share about my personal life. When my “furry child” passed on, sharing our story really helped me.
  • How to Do a Pushup
    I grin like a fool when a client does her first push up on her toes. I love breaking down things that seem impossible to manageable steps.

Those are my favorite posts from the last five years. I would love to hear which posts have been the most meaningful in your life.

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