Once, in my former life, I was in a training class for new managers. The facilitator said,  “Look down your shirt. Do you see a giant S on your chest? Then no, you are not Super Man.” Or in my case Super Woman.

Motivation vs Commitment
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image by Яick Harris

Many mornings I actually do feel like Super Woman with boundless energy, ready to save the world. Other days I am quickly reminded I am not as the alarm jolts me awake and I try to remember what day it is. Those are the days I would rather stay in my PJs and drink tea. Those are the days when my motivation wanes.

Yet on those days I still do the workout that I have already planned for myself. I still make myself put get up from the breakfast table and put on my workout clothes.  It may be cold or rainy outside but I still find a way  to keep that workout appointment with myself. On those days I am far from motivated, but I am still committed.

I was reading a magazine article a few weeks back that reminded me of that difference. I know lots of people that are motivated. They want to learn more about exercise and health. They ask me questions, seek out information in books and sometimes even become my clients.  They have a desire to do more, to make changes.

Motivated, however, does not mean committed.  Many of the people who ask questions and seek my advice choose not to follow it. They have a desire to make a change yet they are not committed to making it happen. Motivation is good; you need motivation to get started. Commitment however is what you need to keep going when motivation fails.

Commitment means doing those things you may not want to do but you know will yield the results you want it in the end. Commitment means making a plan and sticking to it, not brushing it off the first time something unexpected comes up or you feel tired. Commitment means it’s no longer a “nice to have” but a necessity of life.

Your homework assignment today is to ask yourself are just motivated or are you committed?

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