Fitness Success Story: Meet Heather
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photos by Pamela Hernandez

One of the things I love most about the BetterU program is seeing the major improvements in how the ladies look, feel and perform in only 12 weeks. Even in just 30 days of following The 4 Keys to Real Fitness consistently, they see significant changes in their bodies.

Heather, one of this year’s BetterU participants, is a perfect example of that. She and her husband had started a fitness journey together last summer. She lost about 15 pounds over the summer but hit a plateau while he continued to see results. They were doing the same things but they were no longer doing Heather any good. While it’s not unusual for women to need a different fitness approach than the men in their life, the reality of it can be frustrating. It can be inspiring but demotivating at the same time. When you’re not seeing results it’s much harder to make the effort and put in the work.

Heather heard about the BetterU program via my appearances on the Kevin & Liz show and my Facebook page. What a perfect opportunity to figure out what she might be able to do differently as a female trying to get fit so she move one step closer to a to a very important goal – starting a family. She and her husband have been trying but without success. Fearing that weight might be holding her back, her husband agreed that if she were able to reach a healthier weight he would do whatever else needed to be done to help them start a family.

I would love to tell you that particular goal had been met – but not yet. Heather has made great progress towards preparing to be a fit momma by losing almost 13 inches off her body! Her clothes are fitting better and her co-workers are telling her how great she looks. She’s also able to run and do things that remind her of her high school athlete self.

I love them (the workouts)!! I like how they are all different and it brings me back to the times that I was really active in high school cheering.

I (recently) finished the 5K in 39:35. This was the first time that I was able to do in less than 40 minutes. I was so happy I was fighting back the tears. I was so surprised when I was getting close to the finish line and I could see that the time was under 37 minutes and I started running as hard as I could. I want to run a full 5K without walking.

Admittedly, food has been challenging but Heather’s love for fresh whole foods put her two steps ahead of many clients. I helped her figure out how to bring balance back to her plate and treat sweets like TREATS not habits.

Seeing these results from a few simple changes has renewed Heather’s motivation and resolve to be a mom. While I can’t guarantee THAT I can help set her up with a healthy body to give her a chance at a successful pregnancy. Perhaps by the BetterU reunion next year she’ll have checked that goal off her list.

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