The Web Sites Your Doctor Trusts for Health Information
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Does it ever feel like when you ask your doctor a question they are consulting Google before they give you an answer?

You may not be too far off.

Your doctor uses the power of the Internet to help assess your risk for certain diseases, research medications and treatments and stay educated about the latest advances in their particular specialization. The great thing is many of the resources they use are also available to you. Here are some of the popular health web sites that your doctor is probably visiting on a regular basis.

  • The BetterU team has breakfast with a cardiologist every year as part of their program. This year the good doctor shared a great resource to the team for assessing their risk of heart disease and possible therapies. She uses the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Risk Assessment Tool to guide her conversations with patients regarding treatment options. This tool is based on data from the large and ongoing Framingham study. Answer a few simple questions and get your own risk rating before your next physical.
  • We travel a lot. For his web site, Battered Luggage my husband really travels A LOT. When we asked our primary care doctor about immunization needs for global travel she went to the CDC Immunization schedule. Make sure your immunizations are up to date and check for any special needs before your next vacation.
  • User friend prescription drug guides and educational surgery videos are available at MedlinePlus. Links to this site from National Institutes of Health is actually built into some medical software! Use it to research any number of topics before your next check up.
  • I’m really starting to believe you can learn anything on YouTube. Doctors do it all the time. At continuing education seminars doctors are watching videos of new technology and cutting edge procedures. Seek out YouTube channels from trusted sources like Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

Where do you go for sound health information on the web? Has your doctor every recommended a web site or tool?

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