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Skip the Post Holiday Detox - RESET Instead
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image by Designer Whey

It’s a fact – January is prime time for the diet industry and fitness professionals. I started seeing a big increase in ads for diets and gyms about mid December. Not so early as to be forgotten but knowing your pants may already be a little tight from Thanksgiving and the holiday parties.

Online I see many articles about detox plans. There are many different protocols but most often they are based on liquids only, often juices, and various supplements for a period of 3 – 14 days. These plans are often very very low in calories. You will probably lose weight. But weight loss isn’t the same thing as fat loss. You’ll lose water very quickly and muscle slowly until you start to eat normally again. Then the water will come back with the first sandwich and bowl of pasta. The muscle probably won’t come back, slowing down your metabolism. Welcome to the vicious cycle of the diet industry.

It is also very questionable whether anything is getting “detoxified” by these plans. Your body has a very capable filtering system in the liver and kidneys. If you treat them right, with plenty of water and fresh whole foods, they will do their job quite well.

What would be more effective post holiday is to hit the RESET button. The past is the past. You can’t change how much fudge you ate or how many workouts you skipped. You can change what you start putting in your body today. You can make the decision to get moving today.

Iron Woman Smoothie Recipe
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image by W Brian Duncan

Don’t wait till January 1 to start living healthy and fit. Follow these steps to reset your body and your intentions.

  • Start with a good breakfast. Even if you’re in a hurry you can get a delicious breakfast with veggies and protein with a green smoothie. You can try this Skinny Green Monster or my Iron Woman Smoothie. I highly recommend Designer Whey Vanilla Praline in your Iron Woman Smoothie or any other smoothie you might choose to make. It tastes great with only 100 calories but per scoop and it naturally sweetened with stevia. The 18 grams of protein will help you stay full until lunch time, something juice alone won’t do.
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water per day. Your kidneys need water to do their job. Plus almost every chemical reaction in the body (including fat loss) needs water at some stage. Green tea and coffee are okay but plain water is best.
  • Put the sweets and starchy foods away. We need carbs from fiber rich sources like vegetables, fruits, oats, quinoa and beans. We don’t need lots of starch from bread and pasta. We certainly don’t need any more sugar cookies. The sugar addiction cycle is real and we need to break it. Say no to sugar for 30 days and keep other starches like whole grain pasta and brown rice for after exercise only.
  • Eat at 4 times a day. For most of us, eating every 3-4 hours equals 3 meals and one snack a day. Make sure you’re getting lean protein at each of these along with lots of veggies (or the small piece of fruit) and a sprinkle of healthy fat. Most of my clients can accomplish this at meals but snacks are harder. Try a packet of Designer Whey Protein2Go (Lemonade is my favorite) mixed with water plus some baby carrots and ½ ounce of almonds for an easy snack at your desk or while watching TV. Protein2Go, at only 50 calories per serving and 10 grams of protein, is excellent for travel as well. If you need something else on the go try a Designer Whey Peanut Butter Crunch bar and an apple or banana.
  • Commit to actions not a number on the scale. If you’re thinking of setting a New Year’s Resolution don’t make it about pounds lost. Instead think in terms of healthy habits you want to build. Resolve to strength train 2 times a week or sign up for a 5K.

How are you resetting from the holiday cheer? What healthy habits will you build in 2014?

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