Top 10 Fitness Gifts for 2013
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image by the euskadi 11 design by W Brian Duncan

I miss Oprah’s “Favorite Things” show.  The items she featured were rarely things I could afford, but I loved to dream. I loved thinking that if I just had the giant bath sheets or the glorious miracle body cream all of life’s problems would be solved.

New towels or lotions are not really going to do anything to solve the problems facing a fit girl in the real world. (Well except maybe soften calluses from lifting without gloves.) For most of us, the real problem lies in eating clean in a dirty world or fitting in workouts on a busy schedule. If you really want to solve world’s problems give me an easier way to hard boil eggs.

That’s why I am dedicating this year’s top fit gifts list to problem solvers. If you know someone starting a journey, these items will help them tackle the hurdles to come. If you’ve got a long time fitness buff on your list, don’t let them suffer in silence any more. Don’t be afraid to gift yourself too! Happy Shopping!

  • Bialetti Skillet – Teflon is dangerous and cast iron skillets are hard to clean. Enter the Bialetti skillet. With only a tiny bit of olive oil, coconut oil or butter you can have absolutely perfect eggs that slide right out of the pan.
  • Pro Compression Socks – I never understood how people ran during the winter. That was until I tried compression gear. My feet are nice and toasty as they pound the pavement in my Pro Compression socks. Plus they are wonderful after a day of sightseeing. On vacation, I used to wake up with pain in my calves from the miles and miles we always walk. In London, I wore my Pro Compression socks to bed every night and woke up pain free!
  • Blender Bottle for mixing an on the go shake – I do my workouts at work. We have a blender but who wants to clean up the mess? Not me! So one scoop of protein powder plus water blended smoothly in my Blender Bottle is the easy solution. It also doubles as my water bottle throughout the day.
  • Go Picnic Meal Subscription – I love GoPicnic meals! These shelf stable and ready to eat healthy “lunchables” are a hit with all of my clients. With their subscription service, you can stay well stocked.
  • Adiago Teas utiliTea Electric Tea Kettle – Did you know different kinds of tea need to be brewed at different temperatures? This electric kettle helps you get a perfect cup every time. It heats up quickly, saving you valuable time in the morning. It also saves you money by brewing any variety of loose teas at home for a fraction of the coffee shop price.
  • Under Armour Perfect Tote – With a separate container for toiletries and a laundry bag for the stinky stuff, this is the perfect gym bag. Keep it stocked and in your car so you don’t have any excuse not to stop at the gym on the way home.
  • Cuisinart Elite Collection 14 cup Food Processor – This is my favorite kitchen appliance. I use it for everything from blending the ingredients for vegan cheese to mixing up date balls to chopping tempeh for tacos. It even has a dough attachment for bread making.  It saves a ton of time by allowing me to make big batches with its large capacity.
  • Cuisinart 6.5 quart Slow Cooker – This is on my wish list! My current slow cooker is too small. The timer allows you to start dinner at any point in the day after loading it up the night before.
  • Theraband Roller Travel Size – Another big win for tired calves on the road. This roller is more compact than the big black foam ones you see everywhere. It stores neatly in a suitcase or carry on.
  • LifeLineUSA XT Jungle Gym – This is what I use in the studio for suspension training. The Jungle Gym is more affordable than the TRX brand but works the same. This kit comes with a door mount so you can do your workout at home, no need to find a baby sitter or venture out into the cold to attend class.

What food or fitness gear is on your wish list?

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