Friends, Mentors and Finding Your Tribe
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image by W Brian Duncan

When I started this blog I didn’t really know much about blogging. I didn’t even read other blogs. But I’ve always been told be a better writer you had to practice writing AND reading.

I’m a life long lover of books, but it took me some time to get into reading blogs. I love a good story but I am impatient. If you don’t catch my attention in the first sentence or two I move on. I struggled with blogs because I found many of the first ones I read were more like online journals. There was often little that made me care or they didn’t deliver on the promise of useful information.

Oddly, my own early blog posts suffered from the same flaws. It took me some time to find my own voice. Once I did, I then started to find my tribe. I started to find bloggers who fit my style – in fitness, life and writing. I found bloggers I could learn from as a writer and as a person trying to pursue my purpose in the world. I am lucky to have a huge blogging family as a FitFluential Ambassador. I am also extremely grateful for my small blogging circle of women, the group we call on Facebook “Comment Club”.

It’s a simple name that really doesn’t do the group justice. We read, comment and share each others’ blogs. But I also see the group as a sounding board and support system. I get inspired not just in fitness but also in growing readership and my personal training business. I’ve reached out more than once for advice on non-blogging related issues. Just the simple act of being in the group, being included, made me feel like I was doing something right.

Finding your tribe can be the secret ingredient to any new endeavor. We all need some sort of support system to keep us accountable. We all need mentors to help us learn the ropes. That is one of the reasons I do small group personal training. Each client does her own program but she is working out with one or two others. She gets a chance to learn from those a little further along on the road plus be an the inspiration to a newbie she never imagined she would be. She gets a ready made support system that may be lacking in her life outside the gym.

Would you like to meet my blogging tribe? These ladies show me what is possible. They affirm my beliefs. They help me out with a laugh or two.  I highly encourage you to check out what they have to say.

Workout Nirvana
Suzanne is smart and strong. I love her no nonsense approach to strength training. You can pick up some great tips on basic fitness hacks like Self MyoFacial Release and how to do assisted chin-ups with resistance bands.

Formerly Fat Girl Trying to See the Real Me
Jennifer and I go way back. She and I went to junior high and high school together. She knows my former bad habits. She was also, whether she knows it or not, one of my first clients. Now the student is surpassing the teacher by training for her first marathon.

The Lighter Perspective

Shira has been there when it comes to getting fitter and healthier. She lost (and has kept off) 50 pounds. She is also a very talented coach and public relations expert. I love her blog for witty titles like this one – “Embracing Backslides, Relapses and Bitch Slaps on the Quest for Happiness”.

Running, Loving, Living
Toni is teaching me about running. She may not realize she is, but reading her blog is helping me learn how to stay on course. This year I am not going to take my normal winter running hiatus and I think Toni is going to give me inspiration to power on when I would normally stay indoors.

Prime Fitness for Women
Mary and I met on DailyBurn. We’ve never actually met in person, but I feel like I know her. I read her posts, nodding in agreement all the way through. I often say to myself, “Why didn’t I write that?”

Beauty School Dropout
Sarah and I are friends in real life. I am amazed with her cooking knowledge and her ability to juggle motherhood, career and fitness. You must check out her cooking school series!

Have you found your tribe? Where and how? How has it improved your life or made your journey better?

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