Celebrating a Sugar Free Halloween
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image by JD Hancock

I love Halloween. I love decorating pumpkins, searching for the perfect costume and watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I do not like the sugar fest however that is has become.

If it were truly just one night a year, a treat, then it wouldn’t be so bad. But it lingers. Kids feast on the bounty for days afterward. Then the candy get’s stashed in the cupboard in an attempt to stop the flow of sugar. The kids forget but Mom knows it’s there. Usually she is the one that ends up eating it in the weeks that follow.

If you want to avoid the sugar trap, let it go. Let your kids choose their favorite few treats and get rid of the rest. I don’t care where it goes but it can’t stay in your house. Take it to work or church. Take it anywhere that it won’t be a temptation to you. I hate to say throw it out because I hate waste. But if you have no other alternative, than in the trash it needs to go.

Don’t buy candy to hand out at your house either. When I used to hand out candy, I had to wait and buy it just before Halloween. If I put it out in a bowl beforehand, Brian would eat a good portion of it. If it’s in the house, especially in view, the same thing will probably happen to you.

I stopped handing out candy several years ago. It saved me an extra trip at the last minute for more candy (after Brian depleted my stock) and made me feel better by not contributing to the kids’ overflowing sugar stash.  Here are some things I’ve handed out instead with great success. My house thus far as not been egged by dissatisfied trick or treaters. The parents often thank me.

  • Temporary Tattoos: These work well with boys and girls. Who doesn’t love a spider on the cheek or glitter flowers on a hand?
  • Glow bracelets: Fun and functional. Many kids (and parents) put this on before they even leave my porch.
  • Coupons for kid friendly fun: I used to share training space with a martial arts studio. The owner would give me coupons for free intro lessons. It’s an unexpected treat that helps kids get moving.
  • Mini Luna and Lara bars: These are great for kids of all ages. It still looks like chocolate and has a healthier sweetness.

What’s your Halloween candy alternative? Got a great fit costume this year?

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