Fast and Tasty Recipes for 5 Minute Breakfasts
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photo by Babi Santander

I love eggs. They are inexpensive, available pretty much anywhere you choose to shop and easy to cook. It’s a shame they’ve gotten a bad wrap for so long. Everyone focuses on the cholesterol and saturated fat (of which we do need a little bit of by the way) that they forget about the positive nutritional benefits. For only 71 calories you get:

  • 6 grams of protein
  • 2.8 g of unsaturated fat (the good kind of fat!)
  • 128 mg of choline (an essential nutrient for muscle control and memory)
  • 41 IU of vitamin D (one of a few good food sources of this important vitamin)

All of this in a neat little package.

While I love eggs anytime of day, breakfast seems to be the logical place for eggs in the daily diet for most people. There are 2 very simple ways you can enjoy eggs at breakfast.

  1. You can hard boil a dozen on the weekend and enjoy one or two of them with a piece of fruit.
  2. You can scramble eggs in the microwave. Crack two eggs into a ramekin or small glass bowl. Cook in the microwave for 60 seconds, stir and then cook another 10 to 15 seconds. Add a slice of avocado and salsa.

If you have a little more time for breakfast try my Strawberry Egg Crepes. It only has the whites but you’ll get your healthy fat from the milled flaxseed and coconut.  If you’re on the go I love the Starbucks Egg White, Spinach and Feta wrap (which they serve all the day, by the way).

Are you burned out on eggs? Then get the benefit of their protein in my Vanilla Coconut Protein Pancakes with some yummy chia “jam” on top!

How do you do eggs? Or are you burned on eggs? If so, what’s your breakfast protein of choice?

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