My husband, Brian, and I do not work out together. We’ve never even belonged to the same gym. He won’t let me design a workout program for him. (He hates lunges and just knows I will put them in there.)

But we do stay active as a family. Whether at home or on the road, we love to get outdoors together.

  • We’ve hiked the volcano in Haleakala State Park.
  • We’ve visited General Sherman in Sequoia.
  • We’ve tackled the trails around Crystal Bridges in Arkansas before checking out the art inside.
  • We love taking our bikes out on the Ozarks Greenways trails as soon as the weather starts to turn warm.
  • We walk in the little park not far from our house as often as we can, year round as the weather allows.

What’s great about all these things, besides the physical activity, is the opportunity to connect with each other when we are separated from technology. When we walk or bike, I’m not distracted by the Ellen DeGeneres Show or basketball. He’s not catching up on Twitter or checking email. We can have a genuine conversation while we do something good for our bodies. It automatically de-stresses both of us. We can connect, brainstorm and laugh in a way that seems to escape us indoors

This Saturday June 8 is National Get Outdoors Day. I want to challenge you to take your activity outside this weekend. And take your family with you for some active IRL time. There are a 141 official locations to celebrate nationwide but don’t worry if there isn’t one close to you. Get outside where ever you can, even if it’s just your own back yard. Your lawn is perfect for croquet and badminton, two of my personal favorite family friendly sports. Need some other ideas?

  • Visit a local park you’ve never been to before. Do my playground workout or just have some fun on the swings.
  • Check out historical sites, like my own local Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield. Many sites have walking or bike paths.
  • Float or canoe a local water way. You can rent a canoe, pack a picnic and get a workout in the process. Plus it’s a great way to see a side of nature different than your local running trail.

How do you plan to celebrate National Get Outdoors Day? What’s your favorite local outdoor adventure?

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