(Re)Defining Beauty with The Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge
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What makes an athlete?

Is it having the medal around your neck? Is it a trophy on a shelf? Is it being part of team with a dedicated training schedule?

Or is it the act of showing up? Is it getting up off the couch and moving each day? Is it about staying strong to do all you that life has to offer?

What about beautiful? I keep hearing strong is the new skinny. But is beautiful either or neither of those things? Is beautiful simply the body in motion no matter it’s size or shape, glowing with joy and self confidence?

Under Armour is giving us the chance to (re)define athlete and what it means to be beautiful. The What’s Beautiful challenge is a competition but I am not concerned about prizes or badges. They did send me some lovely clothes to wear as I participated in the individual challenges and events. But that’s not why I wanted to participate. My goal is to show the beauty of real women getting fit and meeting their own personal challenges.

I am lucky; I get to see this beauty every day in the faces and bodies of my clients.

The glow of describing the first 5K.

The surprise at the first push up.

The joy of a shopping trip with new pants a size smaller.

The amazement at the tricep or bicep popping out in the mirror.

It is through their accomplishments that I have come to know real beauty. It is their dedication that shows me what is possible when the heart is inspired and willing. They are all athletes in my eyes and I dare anyone to say I am wrong.

It is because of them that I wanted to join this challenge. It is with them (and YOU) that I hope to change the perception of “female athlete” and challenge the notion of what is beautiful. Will you join us? Here is how:

  • Go the Under Armour What is Beautiful site by clicking HERE.
  • Create your profile and declare your goal.
  • Search for my team, ThriveFit All Stars, or click here to get to the team page and request membership.
  • Start completing your challenges and working towards your goal!

My goal is to get rid my “I’m not a runner” and complete a 5K in under 30 minutes. I’ve got about 3 minutes to shave off my time – one minute at a time. My first 5K of the year is May 27 so stay tuned.

Use the team page to share your accomplishments, find support and cheer each other on. If you share your journey on Twitter or Instagram be sure to use the hash tag #WhatsBeautiful. Take this opportunity to show the world what a dedicated group of women can accomplish!

Are you ready to join the challenge? Tell me, what is your goal? How will you tell the world #IWill?

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