Gym Etiquette Rules #2 and #3 - Don't Be A Distraction
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image by Olivia Alcock

Our next tutorial on the rules of gym etiquette deals with distractions.

Rule # 2 – Keep your clothes functional and appropriate for the venue.

Most of us are at the gym to look better. Some may be at the gym to find that ideal fit mate.  But we are all there to work out and our attire should reflect this mission. That means a supportive sports bra, shorts that cover your bum and shoes that support (not roll) when you walk.

Here are your gym fashion Don’ts:

  • Wear “toning” shoes. They are a waste of good money and cause more injuries than actual pounds lost.
  • Wear yoga clothes for jogging. Different activities call for different accessories. A sports bra good for yoga probably won’t provide you and the girls the support needed for a high impact activity.
  • Put your assets on full display.  It’s the gym, not the beach. Check for thongs or nipples that creep out or cleavage so deep we can see your belly button before you leave the house.
  • Forget to do the wash. Wearing a t-shirt a couple of days in a row works but working out for 5 days straight in the SAME t-shirt won’t be pleasant for anyone. Wash your workout clothes on a regular basis.

Rule #3 – Be respectful of the peace by keeping your music and conversations to yourself.

Gyms can be loud enough on their own. Don’t add to the mix with loud conversations and even louder music.

Be respectful with the following list of Dos:

  • Use headphones. Not everyone shares your love of Justin Bieber. I’m not judging but please keep it to yourself.
  • Lip sync. I love to sing along but not at the gym. You may be ready for American Idol in your head but the person next to you might disagree.
  • Wait to call your best friend till after the workout. We don’t want to hear how awful her boyfriend is or your issues with your boss while on the elliptical next to you. And if you have enough breath for the conversation you aren’t working hard enough any way.
  • Respect the culture of the gym. In most gyms shouting or grunting as you lift isn’t the norm. Pay attention to what others do for a good guide of “allowable” noises.

What’s your  distraction pet peeve at the gym?

Next up, Rule #4 Clean Up After Yourself.

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