Happy Healthy Holidays: Quick Cardio Burst
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image by Lauren Manning

Merry Christmas!! Or I guess I should say Merry Christmas Eve! We will be celebrating with breakfast for dinner (brinner if you will) and watching A Christmas Story. Tomorrow my husband and I will see what Santa put in our stockings and open the presents under the tree. Then we will slowly get ourselves together and drive to my in-laws to watch my nephews open their presents, eat lots of once a year treats (woo hoo deviled eggs!) and play games on the Kinect.

Fortunately for me, my in-laws only live about 40 minutes away. For many of my clients, this isn’t the case. They have to travel to visit family and friends, all across the country, for the holidays. But travel isn’t an excuse to miss your workouts. A day off is fine; a week off just leads to unnecessary guilt and pain when you return to your workouts.

Never fear, I say! I’ve got you covered with a quick cardio burst you can do anywhere – hotel, park or Grandma’s house. Here’s the formula for a perfect quick cardio workout:

  • Choose 4 bodyweight exercises. For example, I might choose body jump ropes, mountain climbers, butt kicks and burpees.
  • Set your Gymboss Interval timer for 4 intervals of 45 seconds work and 15 minute rest.
  • Press start – go! Do one exercise for each interval.
  • Rest after the last exercise for 60 seconds.
  • Repeat the circuit 3 more times.

And you’re done. This should only take 20 minutes but if you’re pressed for time you can take it down to 3 circuits. This quick interval workout will keep your metabolism pumped up and your body feeling strong. You’ll need it to keep up with the kids and make up for the cookies I know you are going to eat. (It’s okay. It’s Christmas, I’ll be having a pumpkin cookie or two myself).

If you throw your kettlebell in the trunk, you can do my Morning Kettlebell Workout as well. Now you’re covered – cardio and strength – while on the road.

Merry Christmas!

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