Healthy Halloween
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image by Pink Sherbert

I don’t hand out candy at my house for Halloween. If I don’t eat it and I don’t want my clients to eat it, why should I hand it out to others?

I was even chastised by an acquaintance on Facebook for my stand. I know it’s once a year and it’s one of those special parts of childhood. I love the costumes and the decorations. I have a Halloween tree. I even made a fantastic Hello Kitty pumpkin one year. It’s not the holiday I dislike. It’s not even the idea of one night of sugar that I dislike.

It’s the reality that, for most kids, it’s not one night. The candy lasts for weeks and is added to the soda, sugary cereals, cookies and French fries most kids are eating everyday. It’s the chocolate sitting at home tempting Mom while the kids are at school or practice. There is so much temptation everywhere else I simply won’t add to it!

Want to keep Halloween fun but healthy? Then explore some options like these:

  • Glow Bracelets: I am handing these out this year. I have it on good authority from my nephews’ friends they will be a hit. They can also help keep trick or treaters stay safe by making them more visible on a dark and stormy night.
  • Luna Minis: I keep these at the studio for clients who need a little snack. They make a great option for girls and boys.
  • Temporary Tattoos: These may be more popular with the boys but who knows. Spider or skull tattoos are fun but mysterious at the same time for youngsters.
  • Playdough or “slime”: Kids love goop. Parents may not enjoy it as much.
  • Pirates Booty: Not gold coins but the snack food. You can get one ounce individually wrapped bags that make a perfect tasty all natural and gluten free treat.

Are you on board? Will you pass up the candy bars this year? Tell me how you intend to have a healthier Halloween?

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