Katie wrote a great post for her blog My DINKY Life about the Better U Challenge and her progress. It’s really is hard to believe we are almost at the end.  I am so proud of Katie and how much she’s learned as part of the challenge and working with me. Here is her story about her progress.

BetterU Challenge Update: Meet Katie
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I can’t believe that we are so close to the end of the BetterU journey. I have scheduled my checkout exam on August 30th. Went so quick.

One part of me wants to go on a massive exercise and barely eating binge to get to the end… But now I know that that is not the way to get the results I want. I have finally accepted that it takes one day at a time and better decisions to change my life.

I feel like my life has changed.

Through probably one of the craziest times in my life, I think I have succeeded. I know I am not my 140 pound self like I would like to be. But in reality I knew it would take longer than 3 months. I WILL get there with the tools I have gained!!!!

After-all, I didn’t do this to lose weight. I did this to save myself from habits that would slowly kill me. I now know that I will live a happier and healthier life. Better quality and greater quantity of my days here on this earth! I’m ok with that.

I know I have shared my ups and downs on this blog but looking through, I feel like I have learned so much more than I can even tell you.

1) I am so much stronger and more flexible! I can see it when picking up higher weights at Thrive Personal Fitness and the Gym, being about to walk/run longer with out being winded, AND I can get into some of those crazy poses in Hot Yoga that I never thought were possible!!

2) I LOVE to work out!!!! I no longer just drive past the gym wondering when the day would come when I would step inside. Now I do something active everyday and I workout most days! We all need a rest day for our muscles to recoup, but I get restless on those days and can’t wait to get back to the gym. And I have finally convinced Scot to join!!! Changing his life too!!

3) I have not had soda is the longest time!! And I have no little part of me that wants to go back. I feel better and am no longer addicted to caffeine. This was something I never would of thought I would do, but I am so happy Pamela challenged me. Mountain Dew pumped through my veins, but now it healthy water!! I probably drink 2.5 liters of water per day (some more!).

4) I have learned how to eat well for my body. We don’t need processed sugar, white flours or trans fats…. Even if our cravings make us feel that way. Instead, eat a main protein, and lots of fruits and veggies every meal. Don’t eat 2 big meals like I had been doing… Eat 4 smaller meals! Only have carbs when your body can process them (like right after exercise!). That’s right! I will run for a sandwich!!

5) Track what you eat! it makes you accountable and you can see exactly where you are falling short.

6) My office is taking notice They wonder why I’m saying no to treats, drinking a huge amount of water, and eating heart healthy apples or a no-bread sandwich. I’m trying to be a good example for all!!

7) I already have plans for the next 90 days This time with Scot! We signed up for Mama’s Meltdown and have decided to do P90X together. A goal we had originally laughed at others… Too hard core for us before. But now know that we could actually do it and excel at it. It’s a great feeling.

8) I know that when things get crazy… There is always tomorrow. Tomorrow is always another chance to be the best you. Don’t let one bad day turn into a bad week or two. Just jump right back in.

9) I don’t have the blood work or measurements yet but I have reduced all of my risk factors that I have control over! I eat well, I exercise, I cut out sugary treats and drinks. We will see on the 30th if I get my BMI down! I think it will be!

10) I realize that my life is in my control My genetics and past have shaped me into who I am… But they do not control me. I control the fuel I put in my body and I control making sure I am in the best shape I can be. Oh, and I can MAKE the tine to do so!!

What have you guys learned? What changes have you made?

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