Eating out always presents a unique challenge. Not so much for me. I’m not afraid to bring my own food and, since I don’t let myself get too hungry, sitting at a table full of eaters while sipping tea is perfectly fine for me. It presents a challenge for those around me, who may feel a bit of peer pressure to make healthy choices or wonder if I am secretly judging their lack of thereof. Especially when the deck is already stacked against them with limited menu choices.

NThe Fruit Surcharge: Paying More to Eat Healthy
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photo by Alpha du Centaure

For example, each month I meet up with fellow bloggers at a local pub. While we are called the Springfield Bloggers Association, we actually spend very little time discussing blogging. It’s really more of an occasion for us to socialize. I love the break it gives me from my normal routine of train, write, read and sleep.

I, however, have become somewhat frustrated with the local pub that hosts us. They are very nice and accommodating of our crowd on a slow Monday night.  And I know my request for decaf tea is unusual for a pub. So I’ve taken to bringing my own tea and asking for hot water. No problem, although the lavender chamomile they used to serve would be much appreciated again.

Last meeting my frustration kicked up another notch. One of my blogging peers is trying to make some healthier choices in her life. And she also happened to be sitting next to me the last time the group got together.  When it was her turn to order and the server asked if she wished to have fruit, salad or fries as her side she made the awesome choice of fruit. I was extremely proud, knowing not too long ago it would have been fries. The server then said,

The fruit is $2 extra, will that be okay?

I wanted to answer for her. NO that is not okay. NO I shouldn’t be penalized for making a healthy choice. This establishment makes its reputation on local fresh foods and you want to charge me more for fruit instead of fries?

I don’t blame her for reverting to the fries.  As a small business owner, I’m on a budget too (which is another reason not to eat out a lot).  I am frustrated with the restaurant and their roadblock. While I don’t know the specifics of their profit margins, I can’t imagine that a small serving of fruit could cost more than the giant portion of the fries they serve. My only guess is it’s the “inconvenience” of it.

So I’ve been trying to think how to make my voice heard to this establishment. I didn’t think this post was the proper forum so I didn’t name them, although some may be able to guess who it is.  How do you think I should make share my discontent? Talk to the manager? Leave a comment on their Facebook wall? Have you faced this situation in the past and taken action? What did you do?

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