Thank you for voting for me in the first round of the Best of 417 Awards!

Yes, I said round 1. That was just the first step to the title. Kind of like the NBA Playoffs before we move to the Finals.  Now it’s round 2 and time to get serious. It’s been narrowed down to the top contenders in each category. Your vote put me there, now I need your vote so I can retain my title as the Best Personal Trainer in 417-land.

Retaining a title can be a lot harder than winning it in the first place. (Remember the 2008 Celtics?) Kind of like losing weight can be easier than keeping the weight off. It takes diligence, attention to detail and bringing your best every day. If you think that I bring my best every day, every training session and every blog post, then please take a moment to vote for me (again) as the Best Personal Trainer in 417-land.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the 2012 Best of 417 Readers’ Choice Awards Page
  2. Vote for all your 417-land favorites.
  3. Be sure to Enter the Math answer and Click Next Page at the bottom of each page/tab.
  4. On page 4 (Shopping + Services) select the Radio button under Best Personal Trainer for:

Pamela Hernandez, Thrive Personal Fitness

  1. Finish the survey by entering your information on the last page.

Thank you for your vote and all of your support all year long!

Thank you so much for your support and your vote!

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