Today is the first post from Linden as she starts her fitness journey! ~Pamela

Training with Pamela: The Starting Line
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I was never athletic as a teen, or even during most of college; my sport was academics. But my best friend inspired me to train for a marathon after college, and that little spark began a fairly regular running career. Which ended last June quite abruptly after my last big race, the Boomtown Half Marathon in Joplin.

It was the second of two terrible half marathons I’d run, and even though I swore afterwards I would one day run a half marathon and NOT feel emotionally wasted after, I proceeded to spend the next year avoiding running.

I thought about running. I looked at new running clothes and shoes, even considered some races. And then my cousin Martha challenged me to run the St. Louis Rock n Roll Half Marathon, which, coincidentally, occurs the day before I turn 30. I thought it would be the perfect challenge for someone who wants to finally best a half instead of having it best her.

Martha challenged me back in February. I made up a training calendar in March. And in April and May, I sat on the couch. I was gaining weight and actively avoiding reaching a goal I had set for myself, a goal that requires me to compete against myself and—let’s be honest—two less-than-impressive previous showings.

And then, a serendipitous occurrence brought Pamela and me together.

I met Pamela through the Springfield Bloggers Association, and I had wanted to work with her for quite some time, but I wasn’t sure how I would be able to afford it. One morning, Pamela was my guest at DotComSecrets Local, and I realized I had had enough. I told her that I needed to work with her, that I was sick of hating my body, sick of the family double-chin I have, sick of heading down a road I know leads to health problems and a shorter life.

So we struck a deal: Pamela would work with me as I trained for the St. Louis half, and I would blog my progress. This first week has been a week of getting to know each other professionally, of seeing what I am capable of. My least favorite part: revealing my weaknesses and problems. Let me share those with you, because I’m sure we have many in common.

  • I am a stress eater. And I’m stressed a lot. I don’t eat well when I’m stressed either. Cheez-its and dip, Tornados from gas stations, chips and dip. Ugh.
  • I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. It’s part of my stress relief, and I just love it. Love the carbonation, love the flavor. But, dude, that stuff has no health benefits at all.
  • I don’t pay attention to portions. Or in other words, I regularly over-indulge. Guess what: if you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight. But I just stuff my face until I feel full or my emotions are soothed.
  • I like them, but I don’t eat fruits and vegetables. At least not with any regularity. Dinners with my husband usually include meat and carbs: pasta with meat sauce, hot dogs or bratwursts. Snacks are chips or crackers instead of apples or carrot sticks.

Let’s leave it at that. What are your weaknesses? What hurdles keep you from getting off the couch and getting healthy or meeting your fitness goals?

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