Last week I wrote that someone had recently asked me how long ago I was fat.  This question came about during a conversation regarding an experiment. A blogging and fitness experiment that I want you to all join in.  Since it has been over a decade since I started my journey, I thought it would be a great idea to share the thoughts and experiences of someone who is at the very beginning of their fitness journey.

The Great Fitness Blogging Experiment
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image by Maria Reyes-McDavis

After all, who you are and how you think at the beginning is very different than who you are and how you think 12 years later.

My friend (and fellow #SGFTwitterChick) Linden wants to get healthy and fit. I help people get healthy and fit.  Linden is also a social media professional and a writer. It seems to be a perfect match.  I proposed to Linden that, in exchange for my guidance, she write and tweet about her journey.  I think a fresh perspective will be beneficial for not just you the reader, but for me as well.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that the things that are instinctual to me now felt impossible for me then. For example:

  • Running. Are you kidding me? Hated it when I was in school and never thought I would cross a 5K finish line.
  • Giving up Diet Coke. I had quite the habit and it was one of the last bad habits to go. For a long time that one soda a day kept me going through conference calls and never ending data mining.
  • Waking up at 5:30 am to workout. It has to get done right? If that’s the only time, then that’s the only time.
  • Food logging.  It was time consuming to start but what a revelation!

Starting in the next week or two, Linden will be sharing her thoughts and revelations with you, right here, on a regular basis. Our goal is to do this till the end of October as she prepares to run a half marathon and celebrate her 30th birthday. I’ve asked her not to sugar coat it, to keep it real, for better or worse.  I don’t know about you, but I very anxious to see what she says. My hope is that it will provide not only fresh insight for you but for me as well.  I want it to be motivation and inspiration for you. For me, I want the fresh perspective and feedback so I can the best fitness professional and coach that I can be.

Excited? Me too!

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