I am having an amazing time at SXSW Interactive this week! I always get rejuvenated and inspired when I go to a conference, of any kind. I love learning. I am inspired by the creativity and passion of others. I know I will come back with new energy, ready to take on the fitness world!

Recovering From Your Vacation
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image by lrargerich

It’s also important I come back in tip top shape, not with the extra pounds that often come with travel. I used to travel quite a bit in my former life. Being a road warrior and staying fit is tough. I thought now would be a good time to share my top fit travel tips with you.

  • Always bring food. It’s easier to pack a cooler in the car but even on the plane you can still make sure you have clean eats to last until you get to where you are going. This trip I packed seitan jerky, Kashi Go Lean cereal, Designer Whey Protein2Go, Larabars, almonds and a banana. If I get stuck I’m safe from the $5 can of Pringles on the plane.
  • Book a room with a refrigerator, microwave and free breakfast if you can. You can get more healthy food when you get there plus grab some extra fruit or cereal from the breakfast bar for a mid-morning snack.
  • Bring resistance bands. You can do an amazing workout in your room using bands and your body. No gym required and no need to worry about the creepy guy on the treadmill next to you.
  • Always bring food, part 2. In a conference setting the choices aren’t always going to be the best. Pack nuts, fruit (from the breakfast bar), protein bars or shakes to fill in the nutrition gaps of the food being served or to keep hunger at bay when meetings or sessions go into overtime.
  • Use breaks to get up and move around. Most people spend the time on the phone or, sadly, smoking. Go outside and walk for those 5-10 minutes or walk the stairwells. You’ll burn a few extra calories and be more alert.
  • Keep refilling your water bottle. Sure you might have to take a few more bathroom breaks than everyone else but it will help you stay alert and hydrated.
  • Ask the hotel if you can get a day pass to a local gym or if there are any inexpensive fitness classes nearby. Take the opportunity of being “out of your element” to try something new. I love the fact that weekend yoga sessions were held at SXSW. Great way to get my energy flowing for a busy day ahead.

These are my secrets. It’s not rocket science but they are life savers when you’re traveling for business, pleasure or a mix of both.

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