Have you ever heard the term “analysis paralysis”? It’s the condition of being so bogged down in the details and the research about something that one can’t make a decision and move forward.  So much information, so many choices, it becomes impossible to do anything.

Take Action to Get Healthy and Fit
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image by Peter Alfred Hess

I think many people get this way when they are trying to figure out how to start their fitness journey.  There are thousands of diet books, fitness DVD, weight loss products, exercise programs and magazines all telling you that their way is the best. They all want you to believe that they and they alone have the secret magical formula to losing weight forever.

With all this information, all these products, facing a person they may choose to do nothing instead of choosing to do something (a potentially expensive something for some of these products and programs) and getting it wrong or failing.

So they keep searching, looking at all the different products and programs. The weigh the potential costs, the effort required, and all the details, still too overwhelmed to actually do anything that moves them in the direction of their goals.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from doing their research. However, results come from action. Even if you are still trying to decide whether you want to hire a personal trainer or join Weight Watchers, you need to do something. You need to make at least one or two positive steps toward your goal of getting healthy and fit.

The analysis paralysis stops here.

If I have just described you, caught up in the January onslaught of weight loss ads and products, I have an assignment for you. I have 3 basic things I want you to do starting today. Your 3 positive steps are:

  • Start a food journal. Record everything you eat and drink. To start, calorie counting is optional. Right now it’s okay to just focus on an honest assessment of your daily eating habits.
  • Move for 30 minutes each day. I don’t care what you do, just 30 minutes of activity. Walking, dancing, Wii boxing, I don’t care. Just develop the habit of movement.
  • Eat breakfast.  Even if it’s just a piece a fruit, you need to start giving your body fuel every morning.

These 3 basic steps will start you on your journey no matter what program or plan you might eventually start. I can’t think of any exercise program that would run afoul of the things I have listed.

Positive action will yield positive results. Move forward starting today.

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