Save the Ta-tahs!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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image by pfala

I’m here for the boobs.

Priceless Pairs.

Anyone get the theme? They are all slogans for breast cancer awareness month. Want to hear mine?

Exercise Now.

Not very catchy but it could save your life.

We can’t control our age or when menopause hits. We can control how much physical activity we get. And studies are showing that the more exercise we get, the more our risk for breast cancer decreases.

The National Cancer Institute says that the risk of non-invasive breast cancer goes down inversely to the amount of physical activity a woman participates in.  The California Teachers Study shows that women who averaged more than 5 hours per week of strenuous physical activity had a significantly reduced risk compared to women who averaged less than a half an hour per week.

When you think about it 5 hours isn’t really that much compared to the benefits and potential cost of breast cancer. 5 hours a week of exercise can lower stress, give you some much needed “me time” and help your clothes fit better. The average gym membership might cost you $45 a month.  You can put together basic home gym for under $100. Breast cancer, in just treatment costs alone, can be well over $100,000.  That doesn’t include the mental and physical costs. 

So when I say exercise now, I do so because I want you to be healthy and well. I want you to be the best you that you can be. I want you to never have to go through the pain and expense that breast cancer, or any other host of obesity related conditions, can bring.

So to save the boobies lace up your running shoes or pick up some weights. Whatever works for you, just exercise now.

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