Happy Blogiversary!!!

Happy Blogiversary!
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One year ago I started this new blogging adventure, this exciting yet somewhat scary journey.

I have to admit, the blog wasn’t my idea. I’m a personal trainer not a writer, I told my husband. But he insisted. He convinced me that sharing some of my thoughts each week would help people become more comfortable with me and understand what I am all about.

I hate it when he is right.

I once had a prospective client tell me she went back and read every blog post before our meeting.  While we didn’t end up working together, I would like think that by reading all my posts she had some tools she could use on her own as she continued to try to find her way on her journey to good health.

It’s actually also more fun than I thought it would be. My favorite posts to write are the playlists (because I’ve never been able to do much of anything in my life without a soundtrack) and the news related/topical posts (because I am a total news junkie).  At least it makes listening to snippets of new music on iTunes and watching CNN “work”.

While it has only been one year, it does actually equal over 100 posts and video blogs.  Some are better than others. I thought I would share my top 5 favorites.  I’ll do them from bottom to top, a la David Letterman.

5. Love Marriage and Fitness: Really, I could not do this without my loving, supportive superman of a husband.  Everyone needs support on their journey.

4. I’m Not the Fat Girl Anymore!: My first 5K and breaking through the mental barrier to running.

3. Reinventing Yourself: This is a journey, a process. Done right, you should come out a different person.

2. Vanilla Coconut Protein Pancake Recipe: Yes, it’s a recipe. But it is the best recipe I have ever created. I don’t know how to top this one.

1. Motivation vs. Commitment: This post really spoke to the heart of the matter. Everyone has off days, but when you’re committed you push on through.

Do you have a favorite post from our first year? I’d love to hear what it is.

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