7 Tips for Holiday Fitness Defense
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image by woodleywonderworks

Summer is here! It will officially kick off with the Memorial Day holiday this weekend.

Memorial Day, while officially a day of remembrance, is often a very social holiday with lots of parties, outings and barbecues. Unless your compass is firmly focused it can also be a landmine for those working to be healthy and fit.

Today I want to run down my top 7 tips on how to enjoy the holiday weekend without getting off track on your journey.

  1. Make the weekend as active as possible. If you are getting together with friends, organize outdoor activities like softball or volleyball. The more there is to keep you busy the less likely you are to hover over the buffet table. Also you can burn some extra calories.
  2. Find a way to still fit in your workouts. It might be a short version, but make it happen. Try 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training or the Holiday Survival Workout I shared at Christmas.
  3. If someone else is hosting, offer to bring something and make it healthy. This gives you at least one option that you know is good for you and won’t derail your progress.
  4. Grilling is a great healthy option. You just have to pick the right things to grill. Skip the hotdogs and grill chicken breast, shrimp or salmon with a side of veggies. Try zucchini, eggplant or corn.
  5. If you are hosting and others bring not so healthy treats, make sure they take the leftovers with them. Don’t let any chips or cookies stay behind!
  6. Pack snacks like almonds, protein bars, and fruit to cover any cravings while you are boating or waiting for dinner to finally be served.
  7. Finally, if you do indulge don’t beat yourself up. Own it and move on. Everyone has a splurge now and again. If you had a little too much Saturday don’t let that be an excuse to go crazy the rest of the weekend. Just acknowledge it and commit to doing better starting with your next meal or snack.

Life is always around us and we should be able to enjoy it and still stay focused on our commitment to health and fitness.  I hope these tips help you do that. What’s your favorite fit tip for a holiday weekend?

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