Do you know what one of the best things about hiring a personal trainer is? They will challenge you in ways you don’t like to challenge yourself.

The Fit Truth: You Must Strength Train
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Everyone has their favorite exercise, form of exercise or method of training. The problem is the body is very smart and can adapt to our favorite exercises very quickly. Unless we do something to change it up (add weight, change reps, new angle, etc) we can stop seeing progress.

Even I have exercises that I don’t like to do, but I make myself do them just like I make my clients do them.  I think there are some universally dreaded exercises and some that I find surprising, ones that I really like but make my clients groan. Like plie squats. I love them! I would have to say they are my favorite form of the squat. However, I think I have been cursed numerous times by clients when they see it listed on their training plan.

I thought today I would share my list of exercises that, while I groan a little myself when I do them, are really very good for you and should be considered in your training plan every so often.

My Least Favorite Exercise
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image by Greg Westfall
  • Burpee/Squat Thrust: This is my most dreaded exercise. I can’t think of another one I like less. Like I said, though, I do them on occasion. I will admit they get loaded at the top of the workout so I can get through them. They are, however, an extremely effective full body exercise that also gets your heart rate up. If you are short on time add these to some dips, lunges and pull-ups. One complete workout in a very short time.
  • Ball Pass:  In case you aren’t familiar, in this exercise you have a stability ball between your ankles while lying on your back. You do a V-up to pass the ball to your hands and go back to the on your back position. Come back up and pass back to the ankles. It is extremely effective for strengthening your abs and I guarantee you will feel the burn. If I am doing other exercise ball exercises for my core, I make sure I add this one in.
  • Walking Lunges: So very good for the glutes and quads, so very unfun for me. I think part of the problem is my wrists give out from the weight before my legs do.
  • Rear Delt Flys: Not sure why I don’t like them. I guess one of those weird preference things. They are great for isolating the rear delts though if you have some weakness in that area of the upper back. Do your shouldesr round over a bit effecting your posture? Try adding this exercise to help correct that issue.
  • Tricep Kickback: This is one exception to the rule. Franky, I don’t know if I have ever asked a client to do this one and I can think of many other ways to hit your triceps. When do you use that motion in real life?

So I’ve shared my least favorite exercises and now I want to hear from all of you. What one exercise do you dread but still do anyway? Do you make yourself do it or is your trainer doing their job and pushing you out of your comfort zone?

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