Pinterest has been a boon to your creativity. You can find new themes for book club brunch in an instant. It saved you a ton of time and money redecorating the bathroom. Unfortunately, Pinterest hasn’t been such a hit in the kitchen. You’re tired of hit and miss recipes that look better online than they taste in real life. You need a quick source of reliable recipes if you’re going to stick to your commitment to eating better in 2019.

Why not go old school and pick up a new cookbook? It may seem passé to go back to paper, but healthy living cookbooks full of taste-tested recipes never go out of style. I’ve got three cookbooks for you that will save you time and money with recipes that never miss.

The Minimalist Kitchen by Melissa Coleman is a simple and straightforward approach to eating healthy. With the author’s tips, you’ll keep a stocked and organized pantry to help you avoid panicked “what’s for dinner” moments. On her website,, Coleman says, It’s true what they say—less is more. But this is also true—achieving simplicity is difficult. How do you know what to keep and what to get rid of? This comprehensive guide will hold your hand through the process and make dinnertime (and the kitchen) feel doable again.”  Read this cookbook like a novel and then start with the Soba Noodles in Peanut Sauce.

Salad Samurai by Terry Hope Romero is one of my favorite cookbooks of all time. This vegan cookbook can help anyone eat more vegetables and works in any households. The selection of salad dressings and toppings is reason enough to try this cookbook out. If tofu or tempeh isn’t your thing, you can easily substitute your choice of protein to many of these recipes. From the author’s website, the mission for the phenomenal cookbook is, “to teach you the way of the veggie warrior, rescuing salads from their bland, boring reputation and “side” status.”  I say mission accomplished. All these salads are the main event! Plus, all the recipes are organized into chapters for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to help you eat more seasonally. Go to the Winter chapter and try the Collards & Sweet Potato Crunch Bowl.

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. by Shalane Flanagan is not just for runners. Anyone who is active and busy can benefit from this delicious selection of recipes.  You’ll find recipes for power snacks, easy to make pre-workout breakfasts and simple suppers to help you refuel your hard-working body. You’ll also get time-saving tips for organizing your kitchen, hints on how to double recipes for meal prep Sunday’s or big family dinners and Shalane’s top race tips in case you are getting ready to tackle your first half marathon. I love the versatile Power Bowl blueprint.

Of course, each of these books is available on Amazon, or you could probably get them at your local bookseller but I am very much a try before you buy person when it comes to cookbooks. Check your local library to see if they are available first, test out a couple of recipes in each one and then commit to buying your favorite one.

I would also recommend supplementing your new healthy living cookbook with the Kitchen Rescue Pak. This is a free download to email subscribers with tips on meal planning tips and the Super Shake Guide! Sign up for my email list and get cooking!

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