Holiday shopping has changed since you were a kid. You remember looking through catalogs and dog-earing the pages with your dream gifts from Santa. Was it a chemistry set? Or maybe a Powder Puff Big Wheel? I can say for sure what it wasn’t. You probably weren’t looking at InstantPots or kettlebells. You probably also don’t look at catalogs anymore. Fitness favorites for your holiday wish list are mostly online.

I too relish the simplicity of online shopping. But this year I have several fitness favorites for your holiday wish list that Santa will have to pick up in real life.

Can we start with a unique gift from Mama Jean’s Natural Market? DNA testing is a big deal these days. While it isn’t a perfect science, the information available might help give the competitor in your life an edge. If you (or someone you love) is interested in learning how your genes might impact your athletic performance or healthy striving goals, there is a simple way to do it. Mama Jean’s has partnered with another local company, Dynamic DNA, to offer a tool to give those who live an active lifestyle more insight into how their bodies work. You can buy the test kit at Mama Jean’s for $30 and give it for the perfect gift for the fit geek on your list. (FYI, you’ll want to give some sort of gift card to help cover the $150 lab fees.)

If you are a regular Mama Jean’s shopper, here is your new must-have: a howler for your Spring Branch Kombucha. This reusable container is the gift that keeps on giving. Take this into any Mama Jean’s (or any local vendor who sells Spring Branch Kombucha) and fill it up with unique kombucha flavors like Raspberry Basil or Apple. You’ll get the satisfaction of doing something good for your body and the earth.  Also, ask Santa for their silicone cup  for fill-ups of fizzy kombucha any time you brunch at MJ’s Deli.

Speaking of Famers Market of the Ozarks, did you know that there is a vendor selling tea? Fleur De B has the perfect gift set for the tea lover. They are creating original tea creations from yaupon. This evergreen holly is the only caffeinated plant grown in North American and makes a delicious mid day pick me up. What makes this tea gift set so extraordinary is honey flavors customized to match the tea! The Sublime blend is…well…sublime! Pair the tea and honey with a mug for the perfect personalized gift.

I also love the laser cut charms from Rosette Studios. While they are finished at Farmer’s Market of the Ozarks for the season, you can pick up their inspirational charms and a simple bracelet at their location in downtown Springfield. One word mantra’s like “Love” and “Simple” will serve as meaningful reminders for you during the chaos of an overscheduled week. The charms easily attach to your favorite bracelet or chain. Ask for or give a selection so there is always one to match the current mood.

Do you need a couple of fitness favorites for your holiday wish list that are available online? My Santa doesn’t have time to go out shopping, so I have to make sure my wish list easy for UPS to deliver.  These two fit life wish list items are things that I’ve been using all year long and love.

If fat loss is your goal, I would consider asking Santa for a Shapa scale. This scale is a game changer for two reasons. One, it has no numbers. All you get is a color that indicates if you’re on track with your goals. Two, it has a calibration period. This week of weighing in allows the scale to understand your body’s natural fluctuations and adjust for them. No more freaking out when you have your monthly water retention! Click here to learn more about how the Shapa scale works.

Finally, get a set of Cool-jams for winter. I have a summer set of these moisture-wicking pajamas and I love them! If you find yourself turning into a hormone-fueled furnace in the middle of the night, these pajamas can help cool you off without freezing your partner out of the bedroom.

What have I missed? I would love to hear more suggestions from your personal fitness favorites holiday wish list!

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