Berry season is here! Strawberries have been ripe for the picking since mid-May. That means raspberries will soon follow and the blueberries are not far behind. You can buy them at the farmers market or spend a morning at the farm picking them yourself. You may share them or freeze some for later but the bulk of them you plan to enjoy right now. The creamy goodness of yogurt is perfect with berries but what if dairy is a DON’T for your body? You don’t have to give up your favorite summer snack. Instead reach for one of these satisfying non-dairy yogurt brands.

I am kicking off a month of quick and easy vegan foods with some delicious non-dairy yogurt brands. Based on clients’ suggestions and my own taste testing, I’m going to share the most satisfying non-dairy yogurt brands to eat with your strawberries, add to a smoothie or to make overnight oats.

Before we begin let me be clear on two things. First, this is not a sponsored post. I was not asked to write this post by any of these brands nor is anyone compensating me to do so. I bought all of them with my own money.

Second, this is not my attempt to say don’t eat dairy. I simply want you pay attention to your body or your doctor’s diagnosis. If dairy is off limits for you in order to feel your best, I want you to know you have options.

The Most Satisfying Non-Dairy Yogurt Brands

If you’re looking for a high protein replacement for Greek yogurt you’ll want to reach for Silk Plain Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative. With 11 grams of protein it is the closest you’ll find to the nutritional profile of Greek yogurt. The consistency and taste are closer to regular yogurt however. This is the non-dairy yogurt brand I most often enjoy with my berries or in the Pineapple Yogurt Bowl in the Protein Ninja cookbook. It’s a good choice for your overnight oats too. You’ll also find this brand at most major grocery stores, making it the most accessible pick on the list.

If you need a creamier consistency, you might want to check out Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt. The plain unsweetened version of their European style yogurt still has 6 grams of protein but with a creamier texture than Silk. Kite Hill plain unsweetened yogurt also only has 1 g of sugar. During berry season, you won’t need any added sugar for a satisfying parfait.  After doing a little research online I discovered they do make a Greek style version, however I was not able to find it in any of my local stores.

Another satisfying dairy-free yogurt alternative is Good Karma. This vegan yogurt also has 6 grams of protein but even the plain version has added sugar. However, Good Karma does give you a bonus the others don’t. In addition to the live & active probiotic cultures (which all of these non-dairy yogurts have) you also get an Omega-3 boost. Made with flax, this choice will give you 800 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per serving. Try Good Karma has part of your strawberry banana smoothie or for your overnight oats for a filling breakfast.

If you’re not worried about the grams of protein per serving and are really craving a flavor closer to traditional yogurt check out So Delicious Unsweetened Yogurt Alternative. This coconut based dairy free yogurt has a taste that reminds me of the sour/acidic taste of traditional yogurt. The consistency isn’t as creamy but this would make a great choice for sauces and dips or mixed with a low sugar granola and berries.

If you’re craving yogurt and berries you can still honor your body’s needs and say NO to dairy. These satisfying non-dairy yogurt brands will do the trick. However, it is summer and I know yogurt may not hit the spot when you really want something cold and creamy. Listen to your body and tune in for next week’s review of vegan ice cream and frozen desserts. Make sure you don’t miss it by signing up for my email list and getting each article delivered to your inbox every Monday!

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