You’ve hosted the summer family reunion for years. You’ve got everything on autopilot. It’s not that hard to throw some burgers and dogs on the grill, right? Except when your daughter tells you she’s now vegan and she’s bringing her new vegan boyfriend with her. She says “just grab us a veggie burger, okay?”. You have no idea how to find a good veggie burger, much less vegan burgers you can grill.

For the last week of vegan foods month not only am I going to give you great tasting vegan burgers you can grill, I’m going to share a couple of vegan dogs too! I’m going to help you keep the vegans and vegetarians happy at our family reunion, 4th of July cookout or party at the lake.

3 Vegan Burgers That Are Perfect For the Grill

Let’s start with a classic, the Amy’s All-American Burger. Amy’s has been making delicious vegetarian fair for years and they do it very well. (I’ve even got my carnivore mom hooked on Amy’s burritos and enchiladas.) This soy-based burger has a subtle flavor and a great texture from the bulgur and vegetables. It is hearty and has perfect heft for grilling.

I’m also a huge fan of the Gardein products. Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger has a few more ingredients than the others but it feels the most like a traditional burger. This is also a soy- based burger with great ancient grains added for texture. If you can’t eat soy, Gardein makes an equally delicious Garden Veggie Burger that is both soy-free and gluten free. It doesn’t have as much protein but you’ll still leave the table satisfied.

If your vegan has a bigger appetite try the Beyond Meat Beast Burger. With a whopping 23 grams of protein this burger is a yummy way to refuel after a day of swimming, tennis or hiking. It is also soy-free, instead getting its protein punch from pea protein and mushrooms. If you ever feel like the soy-based burgers have a funny after taste, try this burger. You’ll really feel like you’re indulging with this burger slathered in barbecue sauce and Chao Creamery vegan cheese.

There is something about a hot dog that just screams summer. For new vegetarians and vegans, vegan dogs can be a great transition food. It’s hard to tell the difference between a regular hot dog and a vegetarian dog too. This can help if some family members love to tease your new plant-based eater (or you for that matter). Besides we all know that the real fun of dogs is the stuff you put on them. Get some vegan cheese, sriracha ketchup, whole grain mustard and sauerkraut and you’ll look just like everyone else at the picnic.

While you need to still look for quality ingredients, hot dogs of any kind are processed foods by nature. Keep these two delicious vegetarian dogs to treats and you’ll be just fine.

For a lower calorie cook out, try the Smart Dog from Lightlife. These dogs are both gluten free and vegan. Gluten free can be a challenge in vegan “faux meat” because vital wheat gluten is an easy way to add protein and create a meat like texture. These vegan dogs are akin to grabbing the basic dog at the grocery store. They taste good and can be made even better with the right condiments. Try this one with salsa and guacamole for a real treat!

If you want a more sophisticated vegan dog, try the Field Roast Frankfurter. This plump vegan dog will satisfy your yearning for simple summer food. High in protein and low in carbs, you’ll recognize all the ingredients on the list. You might try this one with the Tomato Cayenne Chao Creamery vegan cheese or Bavarian Sauerkraut from Red Top Oven.

Are you getting ready for a 4th of July blow out? You’re also going to need a few vegetarian friendly sides. Might I suggest a garlicky hummus with baby carrots and cucumber slices?  Chips and salsa are always a fan favorite. (In my opinion you can’t go wrong with The Grove Salsa Company Mango Habanero Salsa.) You can also find vegetarian baked beans to serve; just make sure you don’t mix them up with the regular version.

With these yummy vegan burgers you can grill and delicious vegetarian dogs plus all the sides you’ll be ready for a party where everyone feels welcome and totally satisfied. Add some amazing vegan ice cream for a treat everyone will love!

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