Switching to a plant-based diet hasn’t been quite as challenging as you anticipated. Dinner is covered most nights by your Hello Fresh box or one of your simple veggie stir fry recipes. You know where you can get a great bowl of vegetarian chili for lunch and you keep protein bars in your desk. However, finding a high protein breakfast without eggs is proving to be another story.

You’ve promised yourself some grace on this path to a healthier life. It’s just that you would rather save the “egg card” for breakfast when you travel. You would love to find a few options for home that honor your goal to eat less meat. The problem is with such a busy and somewhat unpredictable schedule, you’re finding it hard to break your hard-boiled egg and banana habit.

Get ready to make a quick grocery store run. I have five ideas for easy recipes for a high protein breakfast without eggs.

Protein pancakes may be the most complicated the thing on my list but they are easy to make in a big patch. When you have more time on the weekend make a double batch of your favorite protein pancake recipe. Then pack a few so they are ready to go on a busy Monday morning. You can freeze the rest for later in the week or even month. My favorite vegan pancake recipe is Pumpkin Power Pancakes from the Protein Ninja cookbook. Need an even quicker option? Try a mix like Pamela’s Products Gluten Free Sprouted Grain Protein Pancake Mix. (DIFFFERENT PAMELA…not at all related. I am not affiliated in any way with this product.)

Who doesn’t love tea and toast? To perk up the protein in this classic breakfast make your toast with Ezekiel bread and top it with chia jam. Two slices of the sprouted grain bread have 8 grams of protein by themselves. You’ll up the protein intake with easy to make chia jam. While your chia seeds are “jamming”, make yourself a cup of Plum Deluxe Oregan Breakfast Blend tea.

If you want to think two steps ahead try overnight oats. This may be the easiest way ever to enjoy steel cut oats. All you have to do before you go to bed is mix ¼ cup of steel cut oats with ½ cup of the liquid of your choice: soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, tea or just plain water all work. In the morning warm up the oatmeal in the microwave for 30 – 45 seconds. Steel cut oats have 5 g of protein on their own. Add toppings like pumpkin seeds, peanut butter or hemp seeds to give you a protein boost. To ensure plenty of morning protein, choose soy milk as your liquid. You can even add protein powder for an extra protein punch. Chocolate protein powder and peanut butter make a great combination.

How about some yogurt and granola? True, most non-dairy yogurts are made with a lot of extra sugar. However, Silk makes a plain soy yogurt with 11 grams of protein per serving. Add some fresh or frozen berries and low sugar granola on top and you’re good to go! If you prefer coconut or almond yogurt try a protein granola on top for a protein boost.  You can buy some pre-made or you can also make your own, like the Strawberry Matcha Granola,  from the Protein Ninja cookbook on the weekend while you make those protein pancakes. You can also try the crunchy TopBit protein food topping. It is vegan and packs 10 grams of protein per serving.

If you need a breakfast option for on the go, there is always a protein smoothie. The simplest recipe I have is one scoop of your favorite planted based protein powder (I am a huge Vega fan), add 6-8 oz of your preferred liquid, some spinach and half a banana to your Ninja or Magic Bullet and blend. If you prefer to experiment a little bit, I have a blue print to create endless protein smoothie combinations. Click HERE to get your free download!

A plant-based diet is a great healthy striving goal. Becoming a flexitarian, trying to be meatless without saying no to the occasional piece of salmon or frittata, is a perfect way to practice 1% better. Experiment with making a high protein breakfast without eggs during the week to honor your goals and have an omelet at Sunday brunch without guilt.

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