A hush has finally fallen on the house. You passed on Christmas shopping, proclaiming you needed to clean and wrap a few presents (present that thankfully you’ve had stashed away for months). But now that you are home alone you can’t seem to pick yourself up out of the chair.

This year, your Christmas Spirit has been slow to come. With everything pulling you in a million directions you haven’t had time to curl up and watch Love Actually. Your copy of Wally Lamb’s “Wishin’ and Hopin’” peaks out from the bookshelf, waiting for your annual holiday read.

Maybe today, you think. You’ll throw some laundry in the washer and load the dishwasher. Then you can settle into your favorite chair, just for an hour. Just you, a book and cup of special Christmas tea.

If your holiday spirit hasn’t quite kicked in yet, perhaps it is time to give yourself a gentle nudge with some cheer in a cup. Here are six of the best holiday teas to help soothe your soul and find the joy of the season.

Joy from Teavana

Joy may be the most popular for tea purists. It is a blend of green, black and oolong teas along with marigold petals available only during the holiday season. The trio of teas provides a smooth, rich and almost spice-like flavor that really does bring me joy. Originally from Tazo, this blend went missing at Starbucks last year (much to my chagrin) but has made a comeback for the 2016 holiday season. Pick up a box to take with you to Christmas Brunch.

Plum Deluxe Limited Edition Holiday Tea Blends

My favorite tea club has two delicious holiday blends, Winter Comfort Chai and Holiday Embrace, to enjoy as you binge watch all your favorite holiday movies. Winter Comfort Chai is a spicy blend of black and honeybush teas while the Herbal Embrace is a herbal tea with fruity notes. Either is perfect to drink while you watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Just hurry because the last day to order these blends to ensure you’ll have them in time for Christmas is December 15!

Tea Forte Rum Raisin Biscotti

If your dreams include dancing sugar plums you will want this limited edition blend in your cup. Rum Raisin Biscotti has a subtle sweetness to it making it perfect to drink black. The barley malt is a excellent compliment to the black tea, raisins and blackberry leaves. It’s delicious aroma will starting waking you up as soon as you open the jar. It will keep you warm as you wrap presents or watch them being unwrapped on Christmas morning.

Holiday Teas
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Adagio Festive Tea Blends

You’ll want to buy Holiday Cheer set of six holiday themed teas for book club or your neighborhood ornament exchange. All are black teas bases with added seasonal twists. Save the Gingerbread and Candy Cane for yourself and share the Chestnut, Pumpkin Spice, Candy Apple and Cranberry with others. If you’re local you can pick this set up plus other Adagio holiday tea gifts at Chabom Tea + Spice.

Even with an hour of reading you’ll probably still have time to bring up Love Actually on Netflix, wrap a couple of presents and make a second cup!

How’s your Christmas Spirit this year? What holiday ritual always seems to put you in the Christmas mood?




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