There are too many decisions to be made in the day. Your routine is really the only thing saves you.

You’ve done as much as you can to streamline and automate your day. You’ve got a capsule wardrobe and all the bills are on auto pay. You’ve even signed up for a healthy meal delivery service so you don’t have to worry about dinner. Breakfast has been narrowed down to two weekly options so the only decision you face is which tea to drink with it.

If only you had a way to simplify lunch. Lunch seems to be harder to tame. Perhaps it’s the mixture of days on the road, at your desk or stuck in a meeting around noon, but you really struggle with eating a balanced lunch.

With a little planning, you can create a lunchtime habit  that gives you plenty of energy to tackle your busy afternoon but is flexible enough to meet your always changing schedule. If you’re still working on mastering the midday meal as part of your weekly stress free meal plan, here’s my quick guide to healthy lunches at work.

Grab and Go Healthy Lunches

Go Picnic Meals are always my first suggestion to new clients. These shelf stable meals require no preparation or utensils. They can easily fit into a laptop bag or stay stashed in your desk drawer. Recent product changes have narrowed down my “approved” choices however the black bean dip meal and the hummus meal still get my thumbs up!

You can also try keeping a stash of healthy frozen meals (they do exist!) in the office freezer. You can stock up once a month and save them for the days that you forget to bring lunch or run out of leftovers. I’m a huge fan of Amy’s Organics and Sweet Earth. When I started my journey oh so many years ago, I ALWAYS kept Amy’s Black Bean Enchiladas in the freezer at work. Sweet Earth has an amazing selection of protein and fiber rich burritos that you can warm up quickly in the microwave and eat with one hand if necessary.

By the way, I know should advocate both hands on the wheel.  I also live in the real world and have had to eat and drive more than once in my life. The easiest drive and eat lunch I can suggest is a protein bar and an apple or a banana. You’ll want a bar with more calories than your favorite snack bar and plenty of protein to hold you till your next meal or snack. Clif Builder, NuGo Stronger and Vega One all make great meal replacement choices.

Easy Healthy Lunches To Prep on the Weekend

My method of batch cooking is making something for dinner or lunch on Friday or Saturday that makes plenty of leftovers. Making an egg, tuna or bean salad for Saturday lunch at home can be an excellent way to make sure you have something to stuff into a low carb wrap or to enjoy on top of a giant bowl of greens all week long. When you make the salad, pre-portion into the individual serving sizes so all you have to do is grab a container and go in the morning. Keep your wraps, greens and condiments at the office if you can to make it even easier. I don’t have a good tuna salad to recommend but here’s an easy egg salad you can make with a little curry twist.

Speaking of wraps, veggie burgers are super simple options to make on the weekend and freeze for later. You can enjoy them for lunch in low carb wrap, a Bibb lettuce leaf or on a sandwich thin. Serve some baby carrots or sugar snap peas on the side and you’ve got a quick and delicious lunch. You can buy frozen veggie burgers but making burgers at home will save you a lot of money. Take a look at all my favorite options here.

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast (or egg salad). Frittatas are a fast and friendly protein option for lunch. The crustless cousin to the quiche, the frittata is also a great way to clean out any veggies that need to be used up before they go bad. Make one for Sunday brunch and enjoy for lunch on Monday too. The favorite frittata in my house right now is this kale and sweet potato frittata from Vegetarian Times.

Save your brainpower for more important decisions (like which book to get this month from Audible) by making two or three of these choices your go-to healthy lunch options.

What’s your favorite way to get a healthy lunch on a overloaded day?

How do you put lunch on auto-pilot?

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