Grocery shopping has never been your favorite chore. The farmers market is fun, even relaxing, but navigating crowded grocery store aisles on a busy Saturday afternoon has never been the highlight of your weekend. When your husband offered to take over the weekly grocery shopping you almost jumped for joy. You can’t make grocery shopping easier than this, you thought. By taking over cooking dinner a few nights a week PLUS the weekly shopping, he gave you back some very valuable hours.

Except…. he comes home with kettle chips, ice cream and plans for big pasta dinners. He forgets your Greek yogurt, apples and NuGo Slim bars. He doesn’t understand why pasta EVERY NIGHT doesn’t work with your goal of balancing your plate.

Complaining will just hurt his feelings…and perhaps put the chores back on your schedule. So you take a little of the time he gave you back and make a secret Wednesday side trip for your healthy essentials. You smile kindly as you take a tiny portion of pasta to eat with some cottage cheese and fruit on the side.

Marriage is about compromise and honesty….even with something as simple as what’s for dinner. Fortunately there is a simple solution to this particular area of discord. There is a way to keep everyone happy and it’s called

I’m a HUGE Hy-Vee fan for many reasons so I immediately said yes when they asked me to share this great tool to save a lot of time (and a little money) while helping to maintain some marital harmony. But before we jump into how you’re going to make this all work for you we need to talk a little bit about meal planning. Marriage is also about communication.

Step 1:  You will need to set aside a little time each week to work together on your meal plan.

Use my no stress meal planning method to make this a painless process. If you want to take advantage of what is one sale at Hy-Vee, look at the site first. If asparagus is on sale, for example, it would be a great week to make a frittata or incorporate the crispy vegetable into your snacks. If cottage cheese is on sale stock up for quick breakfasts and snacks. Add these sale items to your personal shopping list (you’ll need to create an account first) so you can refer to them when you plan your meals for the week.

HyVee Deals
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Step 2: Start creating your shopping list on the site.

It’s super easy to make your list and add digital coupons to your FuelSaver + Perks card. You can add items to your personal shopping list from the weekly ad or simply by typing in the item name in the search box. Now…here’s the really important part.

Step 3: Share or print the grocery list.

At the click of a button you can have a paper list ready to post on the refrigerator for his next grocery store trip. Or you can email it to him so he can’t say he left the list at home. Even better…you can both download the Hy-Vee app and create a family account. Once you create the list using the family account both of you can access it through the app.

I know it’s hard to rock the boat when it finally starts going your way but you need to work together on this one. Let me make it a little easier by giving you a bonus to check out I’m launching a giveaway tomorrow on Instagram where you can earn a $50 Hy-Vee gift card! Follow me on Instagram and look for my post with #HealthyHyVeeDeals for all the details.

P.S. It’s summer so you can delegate the shopping this summer to teenagers too!

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