What do you want for Christmas?

Your significant other has already asked you this question at least five times. It seems you, with a Kindle full of books and a drawer full of fuzzy socks, have no idea how to answer. A gift card might be the easy way out…except when in reality spending it becomes just one more thing on the to-do list. It seems like a simple question yet it does nothing but cause you stress.

If you want it and it makes sense, you just buy it for yourself. If you need it, you don’t think twice about ordering it. But what about the things you don’t know you need or want? That thing that you’ve never thought of but when you see it I promise you’ll love it?

Now you have an answer. Here’s your list. Here are the ten things that will help make your fitness journey in 2016 more fun, help you de-stress and give yourself a little boost when you need it. They may not be as critical to your journey as a kettlebell or a food processor but that doesn’t make them any less important. The next time he asks, forward him this post. Tell him which number is THE THING that will make your day or just say you want it all.

  1. Matcha Bowl and Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea

    This tin of matcha from Amoda Tea is the perfect way to chase away the Monday blahs or savor a lazy Sunday. This bowl is made by Springfield artist Mari Moore, making each one a unique treat to look pretty on your desk or shelf when not in use.

  2. Secret Tokyo: Color Your Way to Calm

    Coloring is proven to help you de-stress. With this grown up coloring book you can dream of your next fit adventure while indulging your inner Georgia O’Keefe. Colored pencils are a must but I find them highly personal. Save picking out your own at the local art store for a post holiday treat.

  3. Nine Workouts Programs for Women by Lou Shuler and Alwyn Cosgrove

    If I wasn’t doing the Team Erin program right now, I would be doing a workout from this book. You have nine months of workouts in one place to help you take 2016 to the next level.

  4. 6 Pack Bag Expedition 300 Back Pack

    This is on my list! Perfect for every day or my next trip to China. I can carry food, laptop and anything else I might need for a busy day on go. Consider it your new office tote or international carry-on.

  5. Date Lady Coffee Lover Gift Pack

    100% Gluten Free and Vegan, these Date Lady products are the all natural way to enjoy your morning cup of Joe. Date Lady Dates are a perfect snack or compliment to your oatmeal or salad. By the way, I won’t hold it against you if you still drink coffee.

  6. Box Sox

    These knee high socks are meant for the gym (to protect you shins during deadlifts and look good while doing them) but they are also perfect for staying warm at home. Declare your girl power with these socks found locally at Amelia Madden (or click here to find them online).

  7. Activ8r

    It might be weird to ask for two tennis balls in a sock. This self-massage tool from OPTP makes a perfectly acceptable substitute. Take rolling your back, shoulders and neck knots to a whole new level.

  8. RIMSports Washable Weight Lifting Gloves

    The stronger you get, the heavier the weights become. Protect your hands with these women’s weight lifting gloves available in 7 different colors. Personally I would pick turquoise.

  9. BOSU Balance Trainer

    This is the perfect edition to your home gym. It can transform basic exercises into ones that challenge your stability and core. Think you’ve mastered your squat? Drop the weight and try your squats (single leg if you dare) on the BOSU.

  10. Better Than Before Journal

    If you’ve read Better Than Before By Gretchen Rubin you’ll know if this journal is for you. We Upholders love the accountability a checklist can bring. Hopefully Gretchen convinced all the Questioners how valuable a journal can be when trying to form new habits. Obligors, I am counting on you to make your daily entries and show me the posts on Instagram. Rebels, I dare you not to do it!

I know you’ve got the basics covered. Let this holiday be about doing something unexpected for yourself. I mean really…how many cookbooks does one woman need?

Which treasure are you going to ask Santa for this year?

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