I am a total food tourist. Our primary mission for our visit to Peru was to see Machu Picchu and hike. Somehow we got lucky and also happened to be in Lima for Mistura. In it’s 8th year, Mistura could be called Taste of Peru. It’s all the best food and drink the country has to offer in one place. For one afternoon, I got to stroll and sample quinoa ice cream, fair trade chocolate and chia beverages. I discovered a beverage called emoliente – a hot infusion of herbs with various juices added. I brought home Cusco black tea. It was heaven.

If you’re a fit foodie too, festivals like Mistura are a perfect destination. If we make a voyage back to Peru, I would try to time it over the same weekend in September that Mistura takes place. I loved the food and atmosphere that much.

There are other foods that I would travel for. Foods that I will go out of my way to stop for. Foods that I add to the itinerary as I plan my journey. If you’re a fit foodie, here my 6 must visit food tourist destinations. I highly suggest you seek out (or perhaps even plan a journey around). They are certainty a great way to fuel up for a day of site seeing or refueling after a long day of hiking.

  • Boogaloo’s (San Francisco)

    We discovered this little café on our very first trip to San Francisco. In the days before Yelp, we were wandering the neighborhood around our hostel starving and cranky. We walked in because it was the first place we found that was A) open and B) had something that we could eat on the menu. Now EVERY time we visit San Francisco we go back to have the biscuits and vegetarian gravy for breakfast. It’s perfect fuel to start a day where I will get at least 10K steps exploring San Francisco.

  • Mildred’s (London)

    This vegetarian restaurant in Soho is tiny but worth the wait for table. It’s overwhelming to be in a restaurant where you can actually eat everything on the menu (not the norm for a vegetarian like me). I chose the special of the day when I was there – a stew of sweet potatoes and beans – but everything on the menu sounds divine.

  • Korma Sutra (Kansas City)

    Kansas City has an exploding food scene. Thankfully (or maybe not) it’s only about a two and a half hour drive from Springfield. When we do go, my request is dinner at Korma Sutra for some of the best Indian food I have ever had. (Disclaimer: I have not yet been to India). It beats Chicago, NYC and San Francisco easily. I love the little samples of mango ice cream and chai they like to surprise you with. You can have a treat without going overboard.

  • Flat Bread Company (Maui)

    When in Maui, you have to drive the Road to Hana. After a day of playing on the black sand beach and hiking to waterfalls, you can stop for a wood oven fired pizza. Their thin crust can be topped with an amazing array of toppings. I recommend the one with squash and macadamia nuts if they have it on the menu.

  • Tribeca (Paris on Rue Cler)

    You have not experienced goat cheese until you’ve had it in France. It’s NOTHING like the stuff you buy in the grocery store here. Have their warm goat cheese salad, sit outside and enjoy the people watching before you make your way to the Eiffel Tower.

  • Greens (Cusco)

    Cusco was my favorite city on our whirlwind visit to Peru, partly because of this restaurant. Located off Plaza Armas, this organic restaurant felt warm and welcoming as we made our way in. The menu offers a variety of vegetarian options as well as Peruvian classics like alpaca. Quinoa is a Peruvian staple and is also plentiful on the menu. My generous portion of African curry was delicious as was the Spring Salad. We had less than 24 hours in Cusco, but I found it so charming that I would love to come back for a longer visit. I’ll admit a not so healthy indulgence will draw me back as well – hot chocolate from the ChocoMuseo.

Are you a fit foodie with a favorite food you would travel for? Is there a restaurant in far away city that draws you back again and again?

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