I’m still working on creating my List of 100 Dreams. I had no idea that coming up with 100 goals/actions would be so hard! I’ve included things that are long desired and now looming as my 40th birthday approaches. (The Prada bag won’t make it for my birthday but I WILL have it before I celebrate my 41st.) I’ve started to really think about what I want my next decade of life to be like and adding the actions to the list that will get me there.

There are also things on the list I just want to do just BECAUSE. I want to see the cherry blossoms in Japan. I want to go to the NBA All Star Game. I want to attend ALL THREE SXSW festivals.

I’ve been to SXSW Interactive twice. Both times were incredible learning adventures with celebrity sightings and over the top swag. While Interactive seems to be “where it’s at” in our tech driven culture, SXSW originally started as a musical festival. Next came film and then interactive. I’ve always dreamed of hanging around for the music festival, which traditionally overlaps by a day with the interactive portion. We joke about how the vibe noticeably changes when the musicians arrive. When bands set up shop to entertain in the Bloggers’ Lounge most people didn’t even blink, some even looked mildly annoyed. I loved it.

Music has always been a big part of my existence. As I get older I see how easy it is to get stuck in the songs of your youth. SXSW Music bands and songs are of the NOW and I long to be, if even for just a few days, the part of the NOW in music. The full SXSW experience is on my list of dreams. In the meantime I live vicariously through social media and NPR’s Austin 100. While the Austin 100 is no longer available for download, I have compiled this month’s workout playlist from my top picks. Enjoy some new tunes while you workout out and start your list of 100 Dreams.

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