March is about a lot of the things I love.

March Madness

I love basketball, especially the women’s NCAA tournament. I accept the fact that I may be the only one I know who fills out a women’s bracket but it makes me happy. The NBA starts to get really fun to watch in March. It is well past the All Star game and rolling towards the playoffs.


The first day of Spring is this weekend! The days are already longer, doing my sunshine deprived body good.


With the end of the New Year’s Rush, I get to travel! I am off to the ACSM Health and Fitness Summit in Phoenix in two weeks. I get to relax a little, learn a lot and get re-energized for my clients and BetterU 2015.

I can’t take you with me to Phoenix (but you can follow the fun on Instagram!) and maybe basketball isn’t your thing. That’s okay. I do have a few other things that I am loving this month that might be just up what you needed to revamp your workout for the change of seasons.

WYCWYC Podcast

I love listening to podcasts while I work out and this one is the newbie in my rotation. This podcast is like being in the gym with two good friends. Carla and Roni have inspired a movement with their What You Can When You Can philosophy. It’s not an excuse; it’s accepting that life is not perfect. It’s not a reason to say I CAN’T; it’s an opportunity to say WHAT CAN I DO. I use it all the time with my clients. They beat themselves up for not doing a workout or eating something that was “off plan”. I ask them to tell me about what they did do. What choice did they make that worked for them in the moment? If she needed that extra 30 minutes of sleep instead of the treadmill in the morning I say YES!


Jillian Michaels Killer Body

The snow days did a number on my workout schedule in late February and early March. In the spirit of WYCWYC, I turned to my video collection to help me out when I couldn’t make it to the gym. This new workout program from Jillian Michaels alternates between lower body, upper body and core and is easy to do in my living room. While you’ll still encounter one minute cardio intervals, these workouts are focused on strength and creating the lean muscle you want. The lower body workout is my favorite. It makes a great addition to my current workout schedule to offset the more traditional leg day I do at the gym.


The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

This has nothing to with fitness, it’s just a really good story!  While the twist isn’t as intense as Gone Girl, the ending was extremely clever. It’s a bit of a mystery but more complex than your average who done it. If you need a good read for the plane or a weekend on the beach I highly recommend it!



Right now is prime time for this crunchy veggie. Nothing tastes better than a bunch from the farmers market sautéed with a little olive then drizzled with lemon juice, orange juice and seasoned with salt and pepper. Perfection! It should be less expensive at your local grocery store right now too. Throw it on the grill or eat it raw wrapped in a slice of swiss cheese and a slice of Tofurkey (or turkey for the meat eaters) as a snack.

I can’t wait to tell you about all the new things I learn at the ACSM Health and Fitness Summit! We’ll be visiting the Grand Canyon too since we’re “in the neighborhood”. Any suggestions on areas in the South Rim we should visit? Any good book suggestions for the plane?

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