Not sure where your day goes? Not sure what to wear to your next BIG EVENT? I’ve got you covered with my favorite things this month.

When I start working on my monthly favorite things list, I don’t start with a theme in mind. Yet when I put them down on paper and narrow it down to the top three or four there always seems to be a common thread. This month it is time. Not having enough time. Figuring out the best use of my time. How to make the most out of the time I do have. Do you feel like your constantly battling time? Maybe these things will help.

  • I’ve decided to take my love of data and the Quantified Self to the next level.

    In my quest to create harmony in my life, I’ve decided to keep a time log for a few weeks. Like everyone else I have the constant complaint of not having enough time. Logically I know we all have the same hours in the day. Logically I know  how it’s really about priorities. But why does everyone else have time for naps and to read a book a week and not me? Being a soloprenuer, I do mostly create my own schedule (client needs dictate it some). Why don’t I feel like I have time to do what I want to do? I picked up a book, 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam, based on a recommendation from a friend. It has inspired me to dig in and understand where my time goes. How I do REALLY spend my day and can I change that to better meet my life goals. To do that I’ve been using Toggl. It’s a web site, a desktop app and a phone app all in one that helps me track my day. I’m only a few days in but I find it very easy to use and quite enlightening. More to come on that after I’ve done my study. Stay tuned……
  • I live in gym clothes.

    While this is mostly a benefit it comes to time (no dry cleaning!) it can be a big problem when I have an event to attend. I don’t have a lot of time to shop either. Also my local shopping options for stylish and age appropriate cocktail wear is also somewhat limited. I was starting to panic, earlier this month because I was unable to find that ONE specific item – the elusive red dress – for the Heart Ball. One of my fellow Circle of Red members turned me on to Rent the Runway. Lifesaver and game changer! I perused styles online, read reviews by other women (who are gracious enough to post pictures with height, weight and size of the dress they wore) and scheduled my choice to arrive the day before the Heart Ball. They let you order a second size at no additional charge – which I am so grateful for! I ended up using my back up size instead of the size I hard originally requested. The dress looked just as great as the pictures online and I got a THUMBS UP from Brian. The next day I put it into the return enveloped provided and dropped it off at my nearest UPS Store on the way to the grocery store. I know exactly where I will start my search for outfit for the GoRed for Women Luncheon in September.
  • I know it’s not just about how many hours you have; it’s about how you spend those hours.

    Happiness is the current buzzword and I am not immune. I spend a lot of time encouraging others and helping to build up their self confidence. I have few opportunities to receive the same kind of feedback in my own life. I also get so caught up in chasing a never ending to do list that I get a little anxious, almost afraid to stop and just be present. I have been using an app called Happify to help replenish myself so I can keep up that positive attitude both in and out of the gym. Happify lets you choose a track to follow based on your goals (mine is Decrease Anxiety) and then provides a list of activities to help you achieve them. My favorite so far has been the Angry Birds style game where I “destroy” my stress words. I’ve started with the free level but you can upgrade to more activities with a premium membership. This practice along with my use of Buddhify has started to make a difference. I don’t feel so tightly wound and my focus in the gym has greatly improved.

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time in your day? Here’s another time saving tip:

I’ve been doing A LOT of online shopping. I’ve discovered I can order pantyhose and my shampoo from Amazon. Big time saver! Are you an online shopper? What do you buy and where do you get the best deals?

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