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When I talk to clients about eating more protein, not being afraid of fat and balancing their plate I automatically come across as “anti-carb”. I was really excited when I was asked to be a Wasa Ambassador because sharing the Wasa love gives me the perfect opportunity to bust this myth.

I am all for the right kind of carbs, “smart carbs” if you will, at the right time. Carbs are an essential part of a fit and active life because they are the body’s primary energy source. Glucose is how we power our muscles and fuel our brain. When our blood sugar dips, depleted by stress and life, we get “hangry”. We get tired. We are more likely to make poor choices. You reach for the donut in the break room or the chocolate chip cookies that are supposed to be for the kids’ lunch box for an energy boost. Those sugary carbs send your blood sugar spiking back up, momentarily making you feel better, but will soon be followed by the crash.

All carbs, however, are not created equal. The bulk of our daily carbohydrate intake should come from nutrient dense carbs that contain some protein or fiber to slow down the blood sugar spike. Vegetables, fruits, dairy, beans, oats and other fiber rich foods (like Wasa crispbread) should be part of your daily diet to give you the energy you need not just for workouts but for the entire day.

The Standard American Diet is based on the wrong kind of carbs. A bagel for breakfast leaves you hungry in just an hour or two. A burger and fries for lunch leaves you in a food coma for the afternoon. Most people waste the energy from a pasta dinner by sitting on the couch after a day of sitting at their desk. We need to rethink the plate to match our day and the needs of our body.

  • Breakfast

    You need carbs to start the day but you also need protein to sustain you until lunch. It needs to be quick and portable. A green smoothie to drink in the car is easy and filling. A poached egg on a Wasa Flaxseed or Hearty  crispbread with avocado and a side of fruit will keep you satisfied and focused through a hectic morning

  • Lunch

    Don’t skip it! You may be busy but you’ll be less effective if you don’t eat something during the day. Try egg salad or tuna salad on bed of greens with Wasa Sourdough crispbreads on the side. The protein and fiber make a powerful lunch combo that will keep you cleared headed and alert for your post lunch meetings.

  • Dinner

    It’s hard to find something that will please everyone but I find soups or chili are universally popular. They are also easy to fill with protein and veggies with plenty of leftovers the next day. Skip the saltines or rolls and give your soup or chili a fiber punch with Wasa Hearty crispbread.
  • Snacks

    Yes, you need to snack. If it’s going to longer than 4 hours till your next meal you need something to keep your blood sugar up. I love hummus or peanut butter with baby carrots and Wasa crispbreads for a surprisingly filling snack. Cheese pairs well with Wasa crispbreads too along with an apple or some grapes.

It’s time to rethink your plate and bring it back into balance. Real fitness is about finding harmony in your body and your life. Real fitness is about being strong, healthy and capable of living the life you want, in and out of the gym. It’s not about being anti carb and depriving yourself. Do something nice your future self will thank you for. Real fitness is about giving your body what it needs to fuel your appetite for life!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Wasa.

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